I'm Obsessed with Coloured Denim

I have a major obsession with coloured denim right now!  I mean, what's not to love?

I really, truly, want a pair in every colour.  It's an issue.  

I spent a small fortune on the weekend and picked up a starter collection for myself consisting of a coral/pinky pair, a powdery blue pair, and these babies...

{and yes, I was parked while I took this photo - Safety first ladies!}

I wore these darling green ones to work on Monday, thinking it would be safe as I was doing only office work that day.  {I never wear nice clothes to work, seeing as they could easily be ruined because upholstering can be pretty messy} 

... And then, it happened...  

I was helping a client move a headboard from his truck, into Switch, when a bottle of motor oil fell out of the truck and splattered all over my new cuties!  

Gasp.  I know.  

Thank goodness I have good karma and a whole lotta patience - After five spot washing, soaking, and washing attempts the oil has come out!  I swear I heard angles singing when I saw they were clean!

Anyway, I'm curious, are you obsessed with coloured denim too?

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  1. though i love all the colors..i could not help myself and have bought myself a mint one :) so ready for the summer love Nessy


Oodles of thanks for the comment!