Fabrics Now At Switch Studio

Due to popular demand, we are now carrying a wonderful fabric selection at Switch Studio!  Here is a peek at what we have so far...

As you can see we're offering fabrics from Kravet and Duralee, and there are more suppliers to come, so stay tuned!  You can also follow Switch Studio's  Facebook page and Twitter account to see up-to-date snapshots of our favourite fabrics - Or you can make an appointment to come in and browse the selection.  We have a great assortment of gorgeous, quality, fabrics for all your upholstery, pillow, and drapery needs - Looking forward to seeing you!


  1. Very cool- congrats on all of your success Staci!!

  2. How exciting Staci!! Congrats on the fabric collection and can't wait to see some of your favorites!

  3. That is so fun Staci!! I need to save up to get something else upholstered by you!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!