Bike Love

So, I broke out the ol' bike over the weekend, and loved it!  Now that the weather is getting warmer I'm thinking that I'll start biking to work when I won't need my car throughout the day.  It's only 13kms from my home, so it's totally doable, not to mention great for my health, the environment, and my wallet as I'll save money on gas.  I'd say it's a win, win, win situation!

Although, I do feel that I would enjoy my ride a lot more if I had a cute bike {as apposed to a practical one, which I have} like this one from Public.  Adam thinks I'm crazy, but I'm sure some of you ladies can totally relate - Right?  And I also feel these accessories are a {dreamy} must...
Yes - That is a wine bottle holder!  Not that I drink wine at work, or while biking, but it is just too sweet to not have on my bike accessory list - Don't you agree?  The water bottle says "Plastic Sucks" which is funny for me to have, as Adam owns a plastic factory.  The cup holder is a must for my morning green tea traveler, and the side baskets are large enough to carry my lunch and laptop {although flowers look way more adorable}.  The quote is just a darling little addition which would make me smile, it says "Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride" -John F. Kennedy.  And speaking of darling - The helmet and brass bell fit nicely into that category.  Yep, I'd be one happy lady heading to work on a new, cute, and fully accessorized bicycle!

Sadly, there is nothing wrong with the bike that I have, so that will be the one I'll be using.  Maybe I'll add a couple of cute accessories for fun.  Either way, I'll be happy to ride to work for all the other benefits!  Do you ride to work?  If so do you love it, and if not would you start if you had a cute bike?

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