Vegetarian Dishes

When people hear that I am a Vegetarian, often, there first question is "Do you find it hard to think of things to eat?"  The truth is, when I first started, yes, it was hard to come up with exciting meal ideas that did not include meat, but now it's easy.  I have a few vegetarian cookbooks, and I am always looking for new recipes online.  Like these ones... {click on the image to see the recipe}

Okay, this last recipe contains turkey, so what I do is either take the meat out, or substitute it with tofu.  I also find when I eat out I often have to tweak the menu, as there is usually not a ton of selection for Vegetarians.  For example, at my favourite little Italian place I start with a salad, then get an eggplant parmesan appetizer and a small side of pasta together as my meal.  Sometimes changing the menu costs a bit more, but it's worth it to stick to diet restrictions and get a delicious meal out!

Another question I get asked is "Do you cook meat for your family?" The answer is no, I don't.  It's not that I refuse to, it's just that Adam and the kids are happy to eat the vegetarian dishes I make {although the kids didn't like tofu to start}, so there is no need for me to make two meals - Thank goodness!  If we have a large number of guests over, we tend to BBQ, so I will have chicken and steaks for the guys to cook, as well as veggie burgers for myself and those who want to try a non-meat option.  I find the women are more than happy to stick to the veg meal, but the men {except for Adam sometimes, who is vegetarian-ish and avoids meat quite often, but not always} tend to want the meat.  And of course there are plenty of vegetarian side dishes and finger foods for all to enjoy!

Are you a vegetarian?  If so, do you find it challenging sometimes?  And what are your solutions?


  1. I'm not a vegetarian, but B and I try to include at least one meatless meal into our dinner menu each week. These all sound great... especially the first one! Thanks for some great inspiration Staci! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! xx


Oodles of thanks for the comment!