Charming Country House

Hello all, and happy Monday!  While I was thinking of dream homes a couple of weeks ago {see my post on my dream vacation home HERE}, I cam across this little 160 year old beauty, and cannot stop thinking about it...

I often dream of a little country getaway, surrounded by peace and quiet.  This home would suit me just fine!  Don't you love it?  It has tons of charm, and is beautifully updated, exactly what I'd love to have.  Oh to dream!


  1. Wow, what an amazing home. Elegant, yet understated. Beautiful materials. Yes, it would make a lovely country getaway!!

  2. What a gorgeous home! I love how updated it is inside - the best of both worlds! We had an 1850s stone home a few years back - a smaller version of this one - and I loved the exposed limestone walls in the kitchen. It wasn't as nicely updated though and those floors were creaky!

  3. This is definitely charming! Love the kitchen backsplash and the neutral bathroom. And it is so light-filled everywhere. Brilliant.

  4. WOW! so you. So lovely! That shower in the middle of the room is rather interesting, no?


Oodles of thanks for the comment!