Making Baskets Cute

Remember on Tuesday, while I was guest posting at Decor Happy, I was chatting about my bathroom cupboards, and I said I'd take you through making the cute basket labels?  Well, here we go...

Here are the items you will need:  1. Ruler, 2. Rubber cement, 3. Thicker ribbon in one colour, 4.   Thinner ribbon in another colour, 5. Hole punch, 6. Scissors, 7. Exacto knife, 8. Nice white paper, 9. Decorative paper, 10. Cutting mat, 11. Glue gun, 12.  Rubber cement eraser, 13. Basket {of course}. 

Step 1: Take your basket, and hot glue the thicker of your two ribbons all around the fabric lining.  I used the existing seam as a guide to ensure I maintained a straight line and that all my baskets had ribbon in the same spot.

Step 2: Take your thinner ribbon, and hot glue it onto the centre of the thicker ribbon.  It creates a nice effect, don't you think?

Step 3:  Take the large sheet of nice white paper, cut it down to 8.5" x 11" so that it will run through a printer, and print labels for each basket using a coordinating colour.  Use a ruler and exacto knife on your cutting mat to cut out the labels, and slightly larger pieces of the decorative paper, so when you glue them together you can see a nice amount of the pattern.

Step 4:  Use the rubber cement, and glue the while labels onto the centre of the decorative paper.  Remove any sticky residue with your rubber cement eraser.  Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the centre for the ribbon to go through.  Using the same method as noted above with the ribbon, make small sections of the decorative ribbon, and insert them into the holes.  Using a hot glue gun, glue the ribbon to the back of the label.

Step 5: Using a hot glue gun, glue the ribbon to the underside of the basket liner.

Ta da!  Now you're baskets are much more cute, and more you're organized!  Easy peasy, no?


  1. there is very little storage at my boyfriend's loft, and i've introduced baskets...but these are soo cute!!

  2. Love that idea,very pretty!!!



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