My Weekend In Quebec

Hello to you all - Sorry I have been slacking on my posts, I've just been so busy at Switch wrapping up projects before my Christmas Holiday's start.  Anyway, I thought I'd quickly share bits of my weekend getaway with you because I finally managed to get the photos in order.  Here goes...

We stayed at the Auberge Saint Antoine Hotel in the heart of Quebec City's Old Port, and loved it!
1.  It was decorated for Christmas throughout the hotel, which was perfect for a cold weekend.
2.  There were a few cozy lounge rooms at the hotel bar for relaxing in - Perfect for hot totties.
3.  Another lounge area, I just adore the moose pillows - Very Canadian.
4.  Our bathroom was very stylish, I'd like to recreate the look in my home.
5.  Our room was perfectly cozy - Check out the sweet window leading out to the balcony.

While in Quebec, we packed in a lot of fun into a short visit!
1.  We visited Moisan, which is the oldest grocery store in North America {1871}, it was darling.
2.  We dined at the cutest restaurants, including Le Lapin Saute thanks to the recommendation of one of my sweet readers Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia.  It was very hard for me to find anything vegetarian, but I did {mushroom ravioli} and it was delicious!
3.  We enjoyed stopping into shops to get warm drinks for our shopping adventure, and macaroons were always a part of those stops - Yum!
4.  We strolled the city both day and night, but I have to say, night was the most magical.
5.  And we visited the Christmas Market in Vieux Port, thanks to the recommendation from yet another sweet reader lolo.  It was packed full of wonderful goodies! 
Between the shopping and exploring we had a whole lot of French cuisine {which was all very bad for our waist-line, but oh so delicious}!
1.  The french onion soup was so very good.
2.  Poutine was a must, of course.  Actually we had a few servings while on this trip - Eek.
3.  Crepes were my favourite thing on the breakfast menu at Panache.
4.  Okay, this is not technically a French dish, but I had to include it because of the birthday sparkler - C'est bon, non?
5.  And last but not least, I drank warm drinks from a bowl whenever I could.  Why is there not more of this in the Toronto area?  Love it!

And there you have it - My birthday weekend!  If you ever get the chance to visit Quebec City, do visit Auberge Saint Antoine Hotel, dine at Le Lapin Saute and Panache, and shop at Esther P {I managed to do some serious damage there, so beware}.  Thanks again to Rymistri and lolo for the wonderful recommendations!  

I'll be back soon to post about the Christmassy goodness {or lack there of} going on at my home.  For now, enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the resto! I always worry when I send someone somewhere, that they won't enjoy it and it'll be all my fault! :P I'll happily help again if you're ever headed somewhere that I've been!

    Happy New Year!



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