About My Week

Last week, sweet Lindsey from Recreated passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me {you can see her post HERE} - I'm honoured!  I'm now supposed to share seven things about myself, but I'm going to switch it up, as I have shared things about myself HEREHEREHERE and HERE before.  So, I thought it would be fun to share one thing from each day of my week {last week that is}, so here we go...
1. Sunday:  I went to the One Of A Kind Show, which I absolutely adored.  While I was there picked up these goodies {see my official post HERE}!

2. Monday:  I did some drilling!  I love using power tools, and the drill is my favourite tool of them all - It was a good day!

3. Tuesday:  I couldn't resist purchasing myself these sweet little bookends from Chapters - Aren't they cute?

4. Wednesday:  I picked up this fabric to create some Christmas goodies - I hope I can find the time to do so before Christmas is here.  Cross your fingers for me and stay tuned!

5. Thursday:  I purchased my first bottle of eggnog for the season.  I love eggnog, so I was very happy to have a glass when I returned from grocery shopping.  Delish!

6. Friday:  I picked up some gorgeous muted {although it looks quite bright in this photo} teal alpaca cotton for a future project, and started knitting a hat.  I started knitting last year {see the post HERE} and am pretty excited to be starting more pieces!  

If you're in the Oakville area and would like wonderful, top quality yarn, or would like knitting lessons, head to Knit One Bead Too downtown Oakville on Dunn Street.  That is where I shop, and where I learned to knit - The owner is a wonderful teacher, and knitting not as hard as I thought it would have been, I actually find it very relaxing.

7. Saturday:  This was the best day of my week by far!  I picked up this 1950's sewing machine as an early birthday treat {thanks Mum}!  I am so very delighted to have such a special piece, and she works like a dream, which is even better.  

I have a weird thing about naming my machines - I have a little domestic machine named Mary, which is after my Grandmother who bought it for me on my 14th birthday, and an industrial machine named Ruby after my Grandmother's birthstone.  

I wanted to name this machine after it's previous owner who recently passed, but I purchased it at an estate sale, and no one working there knew her name.  So, as I was thinking of an alternate name, I looked up and saw a painting of roses - Which is funny, because the woman who told me about the estate sale's last name is Rose!  So, I went with that.  But then I received an email letting me know the previous owner's name was Erika, and I had to honour her too.  So, I've gone with Erika-Rose, and I think it suits her!  Don't you?

So there you go, seven things about my week!  Now, I'm supposed to pass this award along to others, but to be quite honest I've really been out of the blogger loop lately as I've just been so busy with work and life.  Sigh.  Sad I know.  So, I'm going to pass it on to all of you reading this that have a blog and would like to share seven things about yourself {or your week}!  If you do post, please leave a link below for others to to read, and I'll be sure to stop by too!


  1. Oooo Oooo that Makita drill is kick a$$$$$$$, makes my B&D one look lame lol :0)

  2. Hello!
    I just started reading your blog and let me say- i'm in love!

    i can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future! :)

    your fan,
    heather k

  3. wow...i would love to learn to knit one day...


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