iPhone Cases

I am thrilled to say I've finally decided to leave team Blackberry and join team iPhone!  Hooray! Now, with my iphone ordered I have the very important task of choosing a case.  So far I've narrowed it down to six...

I really adore each of these for different reasons, so I thought I'd get your opinion to help me decide. Which do you like best?  Or is there a style you have {or seen} that I should check out?  I'd really appreciate you're feedback - Never thought I could be so torn over iPhone cases!
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  1. Great finds! I would probably go for 1 or 4 :) much love, xo

    - Urska @

  2. Actually love them all but if I had to narrow them down it would be 3 and 6. Only other thing that is really different and pretty cool is the site that allows you to take a favorite picture and they make an i phone case out of it. If you want the site, let me know.....good luck, they are all winners!

  3. ooh, i have the KS leopard and it looks amazing!

  4. Oooooh, I LOVE #5!! I'm all about the colour!

    P.S. You made the right choice :)

  5. I love them all, tough decision! But my favourite is #1!
    Welcome to the iphone side!

  6. Love one and four- looks beautiful over here by the way!!!

  7. If I had an iPhone - which I don't (boooo!) - I'd probably go with #4 or #6.

    Love your new blog design :-)


Oodles of thanks for the comment!