Headboard Love

Hello all!  I'm officially back from my wonderful vacation, and I had a perfect time, but I'm happy to be back to work.  I certainly love what I do, and what's even better is that others love what I do too...

My sweet friend Wendy at Desire to Decorate has posted about a headboard that we recently completed for her at Switch Studio!  Click HERE to see the post and the gorgeous headboard that I was very sad to return to Wendy, as it was so darling, I wanted to keep it for my own.

I'll be back to share bits of my trip with you, I just need to get the photos organized.  Enjoy your day my sweets!
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  1. Loving your new website Staci- so proud of you!!!

  2. Hope you had a great trip! The headboard you did for Wendy is fabulous!!!

  3. Thank you for the post Staci - you already know I love the headboard!!!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!