The Second Bake-N-Blog Day

Well, the day is finally here, it's time to reveal the recipes we all tried during this year's Bake-N-Blog!  I chose Lemon Almond Cookies, and I am so very happy I did - They were everything I could want in a cookie, and more.  Here is how by experience went...

First I got all of my ingredients laid out, I find this makes things run more smoothly as I go, and keeps me nice and organized - Just the way I like it.

Next I let my mixer do it's thing and combine everything into a superbly tasty cookie dough.

Then, the recipe calls for each cookie to be rolled in sugar that has been massaged with lemon rind.  And I must say this was the best part!  The lemon sugar was so deliciously fragrant it felt as though I was getting some kind of aroma therapy done - Loved it!

 There they are, all ready to get baked!

And here they are after - Perfection!  Although, the recipe said to bake them for 7 to 9 minutes, which I found to be too short a time, so I went for 12 minutes.  And the recipe said to bake the cookie balls as they were, but I smushed mine down a little and found the middles baked nicer, less doughy.

These babies were truly scrumptious, which is why there are empty spots on the cooling racks!  Once Adam and the kids heard the oven door open, these little cookies didn't stand a chance.

Needless to say they became a fast favorite after dinner ritual!  They had the perfect amount of crispness to the outside, and the perfect amount of chewiness on the inside.  They had a delightful fresh lemony flavour, and were not too sweet {despite the fact they are covered in sugar}.  I would highly recommend these cookies to anyone and everyone - I think that they are such a favourite that they will be added into my regular Christmas baking ritual and passed out to friends and family each year.  Delish!

To all that joined in; I hope you all had a great baking experience with your cookies, and I will be swinging by your blogs to check out your posts!  Oh, and don't forget to link up below so we can all share in the fun.  And to those of you who missed it, stay tuned for the third edition of the Bake-N-Blog, and do let us know if anyone has inspired you to bake! 
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  1. Oh that really looks so yum...

    and I baked a banana cake today too ♥

  2. I love lemon! They look delicious!! Can't wait to see all the great recipes! - Emilija

  3. This blog event totally slipped my mind! I'm so sorry Staci! Next time for sure. P.S. I'm loving your photography skills

  4. Mmmmm... I LOVE pretty much anything lemon :-) Your cookies look and sound delicious - I'm going to try these ones out for sure :-)

    Thanks for hosting another B-N-B party!

  5. Just added my recipe! This was a lot of fun and the cookies were so yummy. Can't wait to see the other recipes!

  6. What gorgeous cookies - I love the sugar rolling pic !

  7. yup, they look pretty delicious :) I need to come to your place after you've been on a baking mission!
    Have a great weekend.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  8. everything looks so delightful. Sorry, I couldn't participate in this one! I hope you're well :)

  9. I gotta say yours look the best. I'm going to try these this week, I heart anything lemon.


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