Map & Places Art

I've had "DIY Art Project" on my list for-ev-er!  Here are a few ideas that I have in my inspiration collection that use maps and places...

I would love to have a whole wall of these for each place that I've been, and of course add to it over the years!

This is a great project, and I do love the look, but I'm note sure where I'd put it.  It would be cool in an industrial type work space, for a company that did business world wide, but can't see it in my home - Although it is really cool!

I'd love to frame a world map, and embroider a heart around where Adam and I were born.  It would be kind of like this as I was born in Toronto and Adam was born in England, and yes, I would add the connecting line - Too cute!
This would be a great project to fill a small area, or add into a gallery wall showcasing all the places I've been!

So many options, and so little time.  Do you have any map or places type art in your home?
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  1. Love these Staci! I think I have most of them pinned on Pinterest too. Such great inspiration for a little craft project!

  2. Just last week I framed eight atlas pages for my boyfriend's birthday present! Back in 2008, he and I took a road trip from Dallas, TX to Wilmington, NC. We mapped out our planned route in orange highlighter and our actual route in pink. Three years later, I had the maps matted and framed. Of course, it turned out to be huge- 60" x 44"- but it's a great, sentimental addition to his living room.

  3. Maps make such beautiful works of art. I LOVE them framed in multiples. These definitely do not disappoint :) - Jenelle


Oodles of thanks for the comment!