Help Others, Go Shopping

Every time the seasons change I look in my closet and wonder "What the heck did I wear last year?"  Seriously, is it just me, or do you never have anything to wear at the start of a new season?  It's like whatever I wore last year {and for the life of me I cannot remember what those items may have been} literally walked themselves out of my closet.  Crazy!

Anyway, the good thing about that ladies, is that we get to shop!  And I'm going to be sure to shop from these charitable and stylish retailers this year...

At Toms Shoes, if you buy a pair of shoes then a child in poverty receives a pair too - Love that!  And I also love my Toms, they are the most comfy shoes ever, I wear mine everyday while working in my upholstery studio.  I'm thinking a second pair are a must!

Feed products help to feed those in need all around the world - Amazing!  In 2007 when Feed was started, they raised enough money to feed over 37,500 hungry children for one full year - Can you imagine changing that many lives in just one year?  It must be so rewarding!

And last but certainly not least, Warby Parker gives a pair of glasses to people who do not have access to them each time a pair are sold - Very sweet!  There are roughly one billion people who don't have access to glasses, and they cannot effectively learn or work because the can't see properly.  Warby Parker hopes to give glasses to all of those one billion people.

Mmm hmm, shopping at these places is way more rewarding and a better way to spend my money then heading to a designer department store.  Don't you agree?  Well, perhaps I'll hit the designer stuff too, but only after I've done a few good shopping deeds!
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  1. I agree! I love my TOMS and recently picked up 3 pair in Barcelona since I can't get them here in Dubai.

    I was determined to find some and I blogged about my unusual search here:

  2. Thanks for sharing Staci...very worthwhile causes. Win /Win!

  3. Hi Staci, hope you are well! Thanks for this post, love the glasses, hadn't heard of them before and am up for a new pair!


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