Things I Want To Bake

I have a huge collection of recipes I would like to try, yet never seem to get around to them.  I still haven't tried one recipe from my Food Fashion Friends book, which I posted about {forever ago} HERE, and I am really sad about that because there are soooo many great things in that book!  I also have tons of recipes that I want to try from my other fairly new cook books - Miette5 Ingredient Fix, and La Cucina.

You would think already having all those recipe ideas would stop me from looking for more, right?  Wrong.  Here are a few great dessert recipes I've found online and cannot wait to try...

Oh yes, how I would love to try all of these!  Don't they look delish?  If only there were more time in a day... 

And hey, speaking of baking - I was thinking of hosting another Bake-n-Blog soon {with other baked goods, not just cupcakes - although they were very good}, would anyone be interested?  If so, I have a new website picked out that is full of yummy recipes for us all to try!  Let me know what you think!
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  1. I would love to participate in the Bake-n-Blog! I'm always looking for fun new recipes to try. Just let me know the details on the site and recipes and I'm in!

  2. Holy Moly... a bake-n-blog??? YES, count me in! I LOVE to cook and bake so this is right up my alley!!!

  3. Oh my! That pavlova cake looks amazing! I find I don't do as much baking in the summer - too hot ( although peach crisp is always on the menu at this time of year ).

  4. If you bake, I promise to eat...they all look delish!! Happy Friday ~


Oodles of thanks for the comment!