The Second Bake-N-Blog

Okay ladies, grab your oven mitts and mixers, it's time for another Bake-N-Blog party!  You maybe asking yourself what is a Bake-N-Blog if you weren't around to participate in last year's event, or Kelly's Holiday Edition, so here is how it's goin' down...

1.  Visit Taste Spotting to choose a cookie recipe that you'd like to bake, and leave a comment below  
     letting everyone know what cookie you're going to be baking.

2.  Bake your cookies between now and September 15th {hopefully on a nice rainy day - the perfect
     kind of day to bake in the summer}, and be sure to take lots of pictures, which will come in handy
     for step 3.

3.  On September 15th post your Bake-N-Blog experience on your blog.  Did you enjoy the cookies?
     Was the recipe easy to follow?  Will you keep the recipe as a new favorite to use again?  These are
     a few examples of things to chat about to let the other bloggers in the Bake-N-Blog party if they  
     should try that recipe.

4.  Come back here on September 15th and link up to the Bake-NBlog linky party {woot!} so that we
     can all find each other and PAR-TAY!

5.  Try not to choose the same cookie as someone else, that way we get to hear about a variety of
     cookies. Also, during your post linking back to my blog would be very, very nice of you.

Sounds fun, right?  And what makes it even more fun is you get to enjoy cookies like these ones...

Delicious!  It was very hard for me to choose, but I think I've decided I'm going to make these sweeties...

These Lemon Almond Cookies are calling my name - I'm assuming they won't be too sweet, which is nice, and the lemon will make it a refreshing, summery cookie!  Yum - I can't wait to try them!    

Happy Bake-N-Blogging my lovelies, see you all on September 15th! 
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  1. Ok, I'm going with the S'mores Cookies cause my kiddos love s'mores! Sounds like fun!

  2. I will be doing the Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, fun, fun!

  3. ooooh cooooookies! Just like Bake n Blog #1, I am going to pass on actually BAKING something, but I am happy to sit here and drool over the photos of everyone else's baked goodness :) Keep 'em coming, people!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  4. I'm going to make the Lemon Poppyseed Cream Cheese Cookies!

  5. You know I'll be there! Off to Tastespotting right now to look for cookies.... YUM!

  6. Don't hold me to it because I'm only on page 3 out of 164 pages of cookie recipes, but I'm leaning towards trying one of the recipes for cookies with bacon. Because I like to be different :-)

  7. Staci, you know I'm in! I was intrigued by the Triple Threat Cookie Bar. They were still categorized as a cookie, and the fun thing is they are made out of 3 different types of cookies! Yumm! Here's the recipe: http://kirbiecravings.com/2011/07/triple-cookie-bars.html

  8. OK, I am a chocolate fan. I am making these: http://www.divine-baking.com/2011/08/chocolate-chip-fudge-cookies.html

    Mmmm...can't wait!

  9. After lots & lots & lots of perusing through the cookie recipes at Tastespotting, I've decided to go with something completely different. I'm going to make Herb & Cheese Savory Cookies with Balsamic Syrup:


  10. How on earth can I narrow this plethora of choice down to to one ??????????

  11. I'm going to try the key-lime pie cookies!! http://letsgetcookingblog.com/2011/07/25/key-lime-pie-cookies/ - Emilija

  12. Decision made - Chocolate, dried cherry and walnut bars !


Oodles of thanks for the comment!