It's Vacation Time

I'm heading on vacation with Adam and the kids!

My bags are packed, and I can't wait to go!  Here's a little of what I'll be doing while away...

Hanging at the beach.

Enjoying the pool.

Catching up on some reading.

Taking photos.

Going for bicycle rides.

Experiencing a little fine dining.

And hopefully find a swing!  Besides, what's a vacation without a little unique fun?

Be sure to check back in on Monday as I'll be hosting a fab giveaway, but other than that I won't be posting during my vacation time.  Hope you all have a lovely week! 
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  1. What an absoltuely perfect vacation!! Enjoy and safe travels.

  2. Ahhhh hope you have a fantastic vacation Staci! Can't wait to hear all about it when you are back! :) xx

  3. It just all sounds so perfect! Have a wonderful time, Staci!

  4. Magical photos. I am going for a bike ride right now.

  5. Enjoyed those pic's! Hope you had a GREAT vacation!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!