Blogger's Interiors I Admire

Aren't bloggers super talented?  I mean wow, right?  I know you may have seen these spaces before, but I personally never tire of looking at and getting inspired by these wonderful blogger's stunning homes, and I hope you feel the same.

Sue's Living Room from The Zhush

Jen's Living Room from Rambling Renovators

Kate's Living Room from Centsational Girl

Mary Ann's Kitchen from Classic Casual Home

Jen's Kitchen from Made By Girl

And last, but certainly not least - Megan's Closet from Honey We're Home

Ah yes, how I do love all of the talented ladies online.  Where do you go to be inspired?
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  1. Whoa! Lots of gorgeousness here....one as pretty as the next but Kates closet..seriously? I am in awe as much of it in general as I am with how neat it is!! GREAT POST!!!!!!

  2. love these images..shows you that good design is attainable!

  3. So many talented bloggers out there! I just love seeing all the various styles of homes and how they reflect the personalities of each blogger :)

  4. Ohhhhh! All of these rooms are spectacular. Can I have that closet?? TB bags included, of course.

  5. Stacey: I am so flattered to have our kitchen amongst all this fabulousness!
    I love Sue's ottoman/bench and calm feel with the modern art in her living room. Jen's turquoise and yellow combination is so fun and Kate's mantel has inspired me to redo mine a few times! Love Jen's kitchen light fixtures and of course, Megan's in her closet (ahh..someday). You are right...so much inspiration out there!

  6. Oh how kinds, thank you so much Staci! What an honor to be included among such amazing talent!

  7. Kate pretty much took the words right out of my mouth, as I too am thrilled, flattered and if I'm being honest, blushing as well!

  8. Oh wow Staci, thanks so much for including me amongst some of my favourite bloggers! I'm flattered.


  9. Love all of these rooms...recognize a few from their blogs. LOVE that closet! Love how she hangs her pants and her sweaters and the back lighting...all so easily accessible. I wonder if Tory has seen this?


Oodles of thanks for the comment!