These Eggs Are Cuter Than Mine

I had eggs for breakfast this morning.

Needless to say my eggs were not nearly as adorable as these ones are!  Has anyone seen these before, and if so know where to get them?  I think they would be just darling for my future birthday breakfast in bed {hint hint to Adam and the kids}!  
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  1. Harriet Carter has some that are not quite as pretty.

  2. Those are soooo cute! They are on sale right now at Williams Sonoma for 9.99. I think they have your name on them ;)

  3. Love it! Wonder if they have a boy-like one for my little men? Sometimes I use a train or truck cookie cutter for their sandwiches, they get a big kick out it. ANd, I love the smile I get when I put the plate down infront of them. :)

  4. We have a Mickey Mouse one at home. Williams Sonoma always has some. Hearts are cute too.


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