Shaking It Up

I hope you all had a perfect long weekend {and the long weekend is still going for the U.S. readers - Happy 4th of July!} 

This morning I was thinking about what to write for my "J'adore" Post and realized that I just couldn't do it.  I feel my blog has developed a set agenda - Monday is "J'adore" Tuesday is "Favorite Interiors" Wednesday is.... Well, you know.  I started my blog to have fun and feed my bloggy desires by posting whatever I was feeling at that moment, and somehow it changed.  Anyhoo, I've decided to change it back {woot!} and blog about whatever whenever!  

It kind of makes sense to do it now anyway, as there are a lot of {very exciting} changes going on with my business focus, and hey, the more change the better sometimes.  I am also going to let you know that I will not be posting everyday like I have in the past, life is just too busy right now - But I promise anything I do post will be packed with greatness as always!

Now, onto today's post - Shaking It Up...

I was making my morning shake wondering what I was going to blog about today seeing as I knew I wasn't going to do my usual "J'adore" Post and {bam} it hit me - why not share my favorite, tasty, and super easy morning shake recipe!?!  It is very yummy and so easy to make, so I love it.  I have one as soon as I get up, because putting something in your belly within 30 minutes of waking kicks your metabolism in gear right away, and keeps it working hard all day.  That and it helps me procrastinate so I can hold off my workout for a little longer {tee hee}. 

Here is what I pull out each morning: orange juice, vanilla yogurt, protein powder, a banana, and a mixture of berries.  I actually use frozen berries because I find it makes a cooler and therefore more refreshing shake, but for pretty photo purposes I displayed fresh berries.  Another great thing about frozen berries is because they are frozen quickly after being picked there is usually more nutrients in them than the fresh ones that have been traveling forever or sitting on a shelf at the store for a week.

I put roughly a small handful of frozen berries in first, then a scoop of protein powder, then 3 large table spoons of yogurt, then a broken up banana, topped with about a cup and a half {ish} of orange juice.  I have found by layering it in this order it mixes the best and with the least amount of splatter in the blender.  If you do it with the protein powder on top - poof - it's all over the blender jug and probably not much left in your shake.

Mix it all up.  See how clean the jug is on the top half?  Yepper, that's due to my layering system {maybe I should patent that system}.

 It makes enough for one pint glass, which is just right for me.  Oh, and I don't normally garnish it with a strawberry, again I only did that for the photo, but I may start because it looks so much cuter which makes me happy!

And there you have it - my morning shake.  And a little tip I read somewhere that you shouldn't gulp shakes or juicer drinks down, you should take them in slowly and almost chew them so your brain realizes it's food not just a drink, which helps you stay full for longer.  Good thinking.

I hope you enjoyed me shaking things up today, and I'm you'll enjoy what's to come!  Oh, and tune in tomorrow as I will still be hosting "Favorite Interior Tuesdays" and we have some beautiful spaces to show you.  See you there! 
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  1. Yum, yum...looks delicious!!!! And shaking it up is definitely fun- looking forward to seeing what's coming:)

  2. Uh, yum... I'm off to make breakfast now.

  3. Looks delicious! Love that you are 'shaking it up' :-)

  4. Yum, this looks delicious. I might have to shake up my breakfast and add this to the list. Can't wait to see the changes you're making around here!


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