Lisa's Favorite Interior

Today we have one of the most stylish and well dressed ladies in town here to share one of her favorite interiors - The lovely Lisa from Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor {yes she's also one of the busiest ladies in town too}!  I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at a blogger meet up, and she was wearing a gorgeous DVF dress that I too had recently purchased, needless to say we became instant friends - Don't gals always bond when DVF is around?  Anyway, Lisa has some fantastic spaces to share, so onto Lisa...

There are many common elements of any space that I adore. Truly, I have so many "favorite" interiors, picking just one was akin to asking me to pick me favorite outfit in my closet. Really, really challenging request. Can I share with you my 10 favorite common elements, as an interior design professional, that always give me great appreciation for a space, no matter the style or period of decor? You will see almost all of them done exquisitely in this wonderful space from interior designer Ali Schwarz of Ali Schwarz Design Group.
10 Favorite Design Elements:

·      Genius and optimal space plan
·      Well thought out layers of texture
·      High contrast in at least one area
·      Unmatched choices for a collected over time feel
·      Hit of pattern as art
·      Pops of unexpected colour
·      Asymmetry over symmetry
·      Awareness and enhancement or architecture and all lines
·      Luxe but livable
·      Sparkle

When you deconstruct these spaces, what speaks to you? 

Thanks so much Lisa, Ali's work is stunning, so happy you shared it with us!  Be sure to head over to Lisa Ferguson Interior Design for some more great spaces, and Decor Mentor for lots of design knowledge and inspiration.  Have a great day!
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  1. LOVE the dining room - the silver crown moulding is super-glam! The wall treatment, the tall dark baseboards, and the hardwood are all pretty fab too :-) Just thinking a big area rug might really finish off the space nicely.

  2. Beautiful spaces. That dining room is over the top gorgeous!


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