Green Couch Interior

Well, yesterday was the first day I skipped posting on my blog in over a year {weekends excluded of course} and to be honest I felt like I was missing something - funny huh?  Ah well, I was super busy and managed to get lots done which is the good part, and why I I decided to cut back in the first place. I'm sure I'll get used to it!

Today I'm sharing a gorgeous interior that I came across recently from Green Couch in San Francisco while doing a little research for a client.  Mostly, I am in love with the foyer, but the rest of the space deserves a little love as well.

Mmm hmm.  I love everything about this foyer!  The molding and paneling, the lighting, the artwork, the settee, the raw wood tables... Sigh - Perfection.

The piano is the perfect piece to lead into this beautiful dining area, and yes, those are canopy chairs {swoon} at the ends of the table!

The kitchen ties in beautifully as it is understated but stunning.  Oh, and I love those wooden serving platters, don't you?

This weekend I'll be spending it with just the boys as Caroline is away at camp for a few weeks.  That means it I'll be working on furniture pieces while Adam and Mark tinker with their dirt bikes, and of course I'll end up watching an action movie of some sort.  I'm also going to be checking the paper for garage sales in my area to see if I can find at least one diamond in the rough - cross your fingers!
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  1. I know what you mean...love those kitchen lanterns!

  2. Wow stunning indeed!! Love the floors, the slipcovered chairs, the gorgeous kitchen..fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous... I love that first photo. xo

  4. LOVELY post :) That foyer is perfect and I would love to have a canopy chair like that for our dinner table!

  5. Definitely loving this place! the kitchen is fab! Good luck garage saling! :)

  6. simply gorgeous... I love that first photo so much!
    fab. blog!

  7. It's beautiful. I love the herringbone pattern in the floors, and the kitchen is fabulous!!


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