Creative Hat Display

Can you believe I don't own a straw hat?  I never really thought of it until I came across this great image on how to display them...

I believe a nice straw hat or two should be in every ladies wardrobe, and I should really pick up some because I love the look - Especially a big floppy one for poolside lounging!  And, now that I have found this cute image I want some even more... And perhaps a fab beach house to create the hat display in!
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  1. I can't pull off hats for some reason but this would be a fabulous way I could enjoy them! This photo is making me long for a little beach cottage. xo

  2. It's like a plate wall, but with hats! So cool! Happy long weekend!

  3. I have a big floppy hat from Jcrew that I wear by the pool and love it. The wall display is beautiful! Happy weekend to you!

  4. The whole vignette is lovely with the lavender and the cane with basket...all those great textures.


Oodles of thanks for the comment!