Virginia's Favorite Interior

Today we have one half of the dynamic design duo from id 810, Virginia, to share her favorite interior!  The space Virginia chose today is truly gorgeous, so let's get right to it, shall we?
My first thought when asked to contribute to this segment was that I was thrilled, then it was “…wait, this is going be hard!” Living and breathing design on a day-to-day basis, has made me super critical when sizing up a space as a favorite. High on my list of what makes an interior remarkable to me are ones that are intelligently lit (either by way of its strategic architecture planning or with a superb lighting plan when the architecture falls short) and the ability to evoke a feel as wonderful in the morning sun as it can when you’re having a cocktail party at 10pm. Following this are cutting edge finishes and a distinct connection to nature – regardless of location. While I have a passion and deep respect for contemporary architecture, my heart melts when I step into a grand old home.
After pondering over a slew of interiors I’ve referenced over the years it finally hit me: Kara Mann. I’ve been following Mann since she opened her firm in 2005 and at such a young age, I really do revere her work. One of my favorite projects of hers has to be this Lake Shore Drive Residence. 

Mann has a way of combining dark finishes and furnishings into her interiors giving them a masculine edge, while also lighting each space so well that the interiors never read dreary but rather, intimate. 

This is proven again in this kitchen where she has opted to keep most of the surfaces dark in color but it never turns dreary because of the smart use of glossy reflective white cabinets, window locations and a series of pendants over the island.

Another big thing for me is that a residence has to be livable and while most of her spaces have a very hotel-esque quality to them, this one actually has a level of informality to it. I can totally envision a house full of people in this shot, with kids running around the dining table during a poolside shindig.

These details in Mann’s panel molding are a whimsical take on classic design – giving the space a cool edge. Just look at the difference in lighting in these rooms – it evokes a totally different feel in each.

And lastly, if there isn’t at least a touch of luxe and glamour, it’s usually not for me. This bathroom has just the right amount. Not only do I love the glitzy light fixture and the way Mann smartly situated the sinks in front of the windows overlooking the lake, but also the addition of the glowing light underneath the vanities. I immediately think about that room at night with only those under-cabinet lights on and a candle burning while soaking in the tub, glass of vino in hand. Does it get more luxe than that?

And while I know this last images is less about the interior and more about the “Darn, I wish that were my backyard.” I still add it to the list of reasons to keep following Mann – her projects almost always are situated in some desirable destination. Le sigh!
Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you my favorite interior. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Gorgeous indeed!  I love Kara's work {and actually blogged about another one of her spaces HERE} - thanks so much to Virginia for sharing this space with us!  If you have not yet been, be sure to head over to Virginia's blog House Of Sienna Mack, where she and her partner Jessica {who will be here next Tuesday} share some beautiful finds.  Hope you all have a great day!
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  1. All beautiful and I have always been drawn to interiors with a slight masculine edge in both colors and textures. That back yard is envy provoking alright! Stop by doing an amazing giveaway for a gogeous Kilim bench!

  2. I love the modernity of this space and how there's a little bit of feminine glamour thrown in just to mix it up a bit- gorgeous pick!!


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