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Today we have the other half of the id 810 team here to share her favorite interior{s} - Please welcome Jessica!  Jessica has decided to leave residential interiors and focus on something a little different, let's check it out...

Choosing a favorite interior for this designer is an immensely large challenge, as what I want to see in my own home changes about as often as I change my nail polish colors! Even as I write this entry I am about to move into my 8th apartment in NYC in the span of 9 years, each one decorated in a slightly different fashion, if that gives you any sense of how hard it is for me to commit to a design for myself.

But one thing I do know is that I love Kelly Wearstler’s hotels. So I’ve decided to take you on a tour of my favorite spaces in Kelly’s hotels, starting with the one that began my love affair with her designs the minute I walked into it – the Viceroy in Santa Monica.

Immediately upon entering the hotel you are greeted by a slam-dunk color combination of charcoal grey, crisp white and kelly green, all accented by the flooding sunlight. 

Kelly’s interiors speak to me because they are whimsical, but in a serious way. I think balance is one of the most important elements in design – in size + proportion, in style + functionality, and in color + neutrals. For instance, the framed cameo that hangs on the feature wall is about as serious looking as you can get, but its oversized scale keeps it lighthearted and fun.

Off of the main room is the library, with one of my favorite bookshelf designs ever. The alternating diagonal is so simple yet intriguing, and of course that shocking yellow takes center stage, almost becoming neutral when used on several surfaces and grounded with black.

I’m a color girl, but simplicity gets me every time, and this creamy white scheme with a small dose of glamorous black just does it for me. The modern play on the panel molding detail, complete with inlaid mirror and wall sconces hanging off the mirror create a design that respects tradition but enhances it with modern flair. 

And I think I would be just as happy living in the bedroom above as I would in the cabanas below.  viavia
Moving on to the Avalon in BH…this bar features three of the things I live for…super dramatic vein-y marble, my favorite color turquoise and aged vintage brass. It makes such a statement to use marble on the vertical surface because it brings the stone to our eye level – really screaming at us to give it the attention that it deserves. I truly believe that marble is one of the things that Mother Nature does best and what better way is there to show it off?

And while we’re on the subject, I think Kelly nailed her marble installation at the Viceroy in Anguilla. There is a fine line in introducing glam into laid-back island-living. Kelly played up the natural material by working with a very light and linear travertine leading the eye into the darker marble, which is highly dramatic in both the variation in color and pattern. By using earthy materials like the sculptural chairs she keeps they fancy marble in check.

Kelly again used the dark marble as the backdrop of the bar on the vertical surface, and while the marble alone would be dark and moody, her incorporation of oversized playful elements, like the giant palm leaves and ceiling fixtures, as well as the oversized height of the room, help keep the bar soothing and sexy, all at the same time. I am ready for my pina coloda, stat. 

Finally, let’s talk ceilings. They are the most often forgot plane, but are oh-so-important. They add definition, drama and can either make a space feel expansive and airy, or cozy and intimate depending on the treatment. Staying with the Viceroy Anguilla, she added texture and warmth to the ceiling by cladding it in wood.  

The alternating striping affect on the ceiling below is graphic, but since it’s light in color it still remains soft. 

If you’re in NYC, be sure to see more of Kelly’s ceiling goodness below at the BG at Bergdorf Goodman where she stayed true to her Hollywood Regency roots with an octagon shaped inlaid ceiling and contrasting trim.

Thanks for joining me on a tour of Kelly’s hotels – I would be happy to stay in each and every one (not only for the gorgeous interiors, but because it would mean VACATION!)

I too love Kelly's hotel design - I blogged about how much I loved my stay {and the design} at The Viceroy in Palm Springs HERE!  Be sure to visit Jessica, and her partner Virginia at their blog House Of Sienna Mack for some great posts about their work.  Thanks for reading and have a great day folks!
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  1. I could not agree more- LOVE me some KW and these examples of her fabulous hotel design are all fabulous- gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  2. Not much here not to love!! I actually think her public spaces I personally prefer over her residential ones..these are all beauitful!


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