J'adore The Breville Pie Maker

I think pies are quickly becoming trendy and will soon be the new cupcake, anyone with me?

Anyway, when I came across this mini pie maker {by Breville} I knew I just had to share it with you...

Obviously, it is great for making mini pies, and the great thing is they bake up much faster than big pies made the old fashion way.

Also, for a cute quiche or pot pie the Breville is perfect.  This baby is going on my want list - How about you?
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  1. Oh my. I am going to get one THIS WEEKEND. They look too yummy and too easy (-:

  2. OMG a mini pie maker!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!! This could be my new gadget that I am craving. I love love love the idea, think of the endless possibilities!!!! Love the pictures and inspiraiton...going to go search for one now:)

  3. Love this idea! Reminds me of the old grill cheese sandwich maker. We had a fresh summer pie for Father's Day! :)


Oodles of thanks for the comment!