Inspiration - Living Area

Don't you just love this space?  The living and dining area are just so beautiful and classic.

Okay, okay... You caught me - I really chose this image because I cannot get enough of these chairs and that fabric!  But the rest of the space is lovely as well, don't you agree?
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  1. I agree about the chairs and fabulous fabric. You must be having a blast sourcing fabric for your new upholstery venture.

  2. LOVE the chairs.....fabulous in every way!

  3. The Chrisopher Farr carnival goodness gets me everytime- in my top 5 all time fabrics!!

  4. Yes, I agree - but those chairs really are the stars of the room! Awesome fabric, and a great shape too :-)

  5. OMG I want those CHAIRS- ugh- and the pillows too! I want that to be MY living room. NOW. ps- I never write this stuff randomly or just to make a comment. I am serious. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Where can we get that fabric? what the heck is it called? xoxo shel

  6. OMG - I absolutely LOVE those chairs. Great inspiration photo Staci!

  7. Hi!
    I found you today on a google search for "white kitchens." I hope you don't mind? I linked you on my blog. I'm a Newby & I don't have all the rules & reg's down yet :(

    GREAT blog...BTW!




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