Happy Weekend

"A good book has no ending." - R.D. Cumming

This weekend I am looking to relaxing and getting lost in a good book!  I have been reading serious, business type books lately and am now desiring something light hearted and fun.  Do you have any suggestions I may enjoy?

Oh, and be sure to swing by What's Up Whimsy today if you are interested in seeing the sofa I refinished and reupholstered for Shannon - it is gorgeous {if I do say so myself}!  Also, I am still taking on clients for furniture redesign, refinishing, and reupholstery, so if you have a piece that needs some TLC feel free to email me.

Hope you all have an absolute perfect weekend my sweets!
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  1. Have you read Emily Giffen? She's a light read and easy to get into. xo

  2. I've been waiting anxiously to see the sofa and my god it looks gorgeous Staci! Fabulous work my dear. You are so talented!

    If I had my fabric chosen already, I may have asked you to recover my garage sale chair since time is so tight for us these days. I'll definitely keep you in mind once I have the fabric situation sorted out :)

  3. Have a great weekend and PS, AMAZED at your new venture- hello talent- where did you learn how to reupholster???? We need to talk- I have a few projects I'd love your thoughts on:)


Oodles of thanks for the comment!