Happy Weekend

"Some people settle down, some people simply settle, and some people refuse to settle for anything less  than butterflies." - Carrie Bradshaw {Sex & The City}

I am looking forward to spending this quiet weekend with my "butterfly maker" Adam!  Sunday morning I will be his cheerleader {as he is mine at my runs} at the Ride For Heart, but other than that who knows where the weekend will take us... We have no plans, but sometimes the best times are created without plans!  Do you have plans, or are you winging it like me?
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  1. This post is so adorable! Who doesn't love Carrie! I'm so glad you and I waited for butterflies! xoxo

    p.s. your blog is looking AWESOME! xoxo

  2. Have a wonderful weekend Staci. Hope the weather is nice there? We are FINALLY going to get some sun. I plan on working at my garden plot and planting some veggies!


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