Christie Antique Show

If you remember my weekend sign off last Friday I mentioned I was heading to the Christie Antique Show with Wendy from Desire To Decorate.  Well, I have finally got all my photos in order {sorry it took so long} and am ready to share some great finds with you.  Here are some pieces that caught my eye...

What a great show it was!  Although I must say I was hoping to find more bargains than I did - most items were more expensive than I was expecting.  Luckily on the way out fate lead me to the bargain piece I was hoping for all day...

This tall-boy dresser was my purchase of the day {bull not included} and I think with a little paint and creativity this piece will become a knockout!  I hope anyone who attended the show had a great time and found what they wanted, and to all those who missed it I hope you enjoyed seeing the show through my post!
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  1. Looks like there were plenty of wonderful treasures. I love the colorful letters!

  2. Too bad about the bull, I'm sure you had to pass on buying it because it was likely sold ;) Thanks for sharing, Staci...love some of those tables.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  3. What an adorable little dresser! You are going to do great things with that! And I totally missed table with the inset stripe design! Love it!

  4. Adore the antique drafting table and that chaise! So much pretty!

    Hope you'll share that dresser's transformation with us! :)

  5. Your dresser is going to look fabulous when you're done with it!

  6. Lovely pictures! I like catching up on this since I couldn't attend (and like hearing I didn't miss much in the bargoon section). Great work on nabbing that dresser, I'm sure it will look fantastic when you're done with it. I was debating whether you went with the bull or the dresser.... :)

  7. Love the pics! Especially that wood drafting table. What a find! It's beautiful.


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