Inspiration - Family Room

I must be on an orange kick, this is the second inspiration room containing orange I have posted - remember last week's inspiration post?  Anyway, here is today's little hit of inspiration...

There are so many elements I like about this space, but the most fun would be the bunks behind the sofa!  How perfect for anyone with little ones - what kid wouldn't love to be cozied up in there while watching a movie?  The rattan table is great, {and from what I can see there is a lid, thus storage space inside - hooray} and the large pendant is perfection!  Isn't this a happy family room?
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  1. uh, hello ... love this! So cute and forget the kids, I'ld be cosy comfy in one of those bunks! LOL

  2. Love the pops of orange! The bunks are pretty fab too!

  3. i love how fun and vibrant this room is - perfect for summer!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!