Herb Garden Inspiration

I have been thinking about creating a little herb garden in my kitchen, but haven't yet taken the plunge.  These cute DIY planters are giving me some major inspiration though...

Cute, right?  I'm almost ready to commit to a kitchen herb garden, but my only concern is maintenance; I've heard herbs can be fussy - I don't do fussy.  Do you have an herb garden?  Are they easy to care for?  
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  1. Those are all adorable ideas. I love herbs all lined up in a row. I have some white pots with chalkboard squares to write the names and I have used those in my kitchen, It always looks so fresh,Kathysue

  2. I LOVE the painted mason jars! And I'm not an herb garden expert, but I do grow succulents and they are sooooooooooo easy!!

  3. I have lots of "the other sock got eaten by the dryer" if you want some. I really like the chalkboard and rafia pots.

  4. I agree with my dear friend Kathysue - these are just adorable!

    So much inspiration. Am keeping this one.

    x Charlotta


Oodles of thanks for the comment!