Dreaming Of A Vacay

Lately I have been dreaming of getting away and seeing a place I have never been.  Oh how I would love to pack my bags and head to any of these spots...

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cassis, France

Andalucia, Spain

Guanajuato, Mexico

Bora Bora, French Polynesia 

Santorini, Greece

Are you lucky enough to have visited any of these beautiful destinations?  I hope one day that I will have seen them all... But for now; I dream.
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  1. Oh that first place looks so good right now. I too would love to jet off right now.

  2. now you've got me dreaming. thanks for the fantastic images. wonderful post.

  3. A few of these are still on my wishlist, but I can vouch that Cassis was fantastic!

    Here are a few pictures;

    ps I don't know why it wouldn't let me leave my comment under my account name, I was signed in and everything!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I sooooooo needed this mini getaway before I start my crazy crazy day. This post was by far the prettiest post of the day. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I am soooo dying to get away. DREAMY!

  5. I wonder where you've copied those photos.
    Eventually, all images on this page are exact same as my photo images, which I've posted on my Tumblr Blog: "Encore! Life" [ http://ysvoice.tumblr.com/ ]
    I don't mind if somebody hacked images from my pages, though I'm concerning the original image's photographer would be sad with no credit title or link.

  6. Never... but they are all on my list of places to go! I'm with you though... dreaming of heading to a far off destination! Unfortunately, not in our immediate future - the best we could do was our little weekend away in Cleveland hahaha. Not quite as beautiful and exciting... but we still enjoyed our bit of "us" time! :)

  7. I've hit the Amalfi Coast, but I was backpacking and stayed in a pretty gross hostel. I need to go back!

  8. I haven't been to any of them, but would LOVE to go. They all look magical!

  9. Hello ladies! :)

    Normally I don't post replies to comments, however I feel the comment left by ysvoice needs a reply...

    I ALWAYS credit all images used below the image - if you click on "via" you will be linked directly to the source where I found the image. If it is my own image the "via" will be linked to my website.

    I don't know if images I link to are from the original source, but I do link back to where I found them.

    Thanks for asking ysvoice, I know sometimes bloggers do not link back, and yes I think that it is unfair to not give credit to where the image was found.


  10. Oh all of those images made me dream of a vacay. Thanks for the day dream!!
    PS - love your blog btw!
    The Glam Lamb


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