Outdoor Dinner Parties

I cannot wait until it is warm enough outside to host outdoor dinner parties, I love them, and have been making plans already for my first on of the season!  There is something magical about being out among candle light, under the stars, with those you are close with.  There would be something even more magical about it if I had garden spaces like these...

I do love my back yard, but these places are true perfection, wouldn't you say?
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  1. I love having outdoor dinner parties! It won't be until 2-3 months due to lovely Seattle rain. I'd also be very a happy attending one at any of the places above! Beautiful!

  2. I love to entertain outdoors. At night it is especially magical. I have lights in my yard and we light a fire and candles and it is almost like camping in the woods. I love that feel, Kathysue

  3. Some of these outdoor set-up are so enchanting!

  4. Those all look lovely! We better act fast here, soon it will be too hot and humid to eat outside!

  5. Aren't they all just so lovely? I linked this to my outdoor entertaining post too - for inspiration!


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