Happy Weekend

"You don't get anything clean or organized without getting something else messy." - Cecil Baxter

Isn't that quote so true?  I always mess up another area while reorganizing, and then I end up having twice the amount of work to do - although I don't mind because I love organizing!  Organization is on my list for this weekend, it's time to do the seasonal clothing switch, organize, and clear out, and I can't wait.  What are you up to, and have you done your spring clean/organize yet?  I hope your weekend is a splendid one, and happy April dears!
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  1. I really need to work on my closet but think I'll probably go to the OOAK show instead:) Have a great one!

  2. so true & great picture! have a great weekend Staci!!

  3. It's my first visit and you have a beautiful blog. I'm glad to be here and will be back!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!