Cobi Style

Over the weekend my dear friend Wendy from Desire To Decorate and I went to a presentation by Cobi Ladner, former editor of House & Home magazine, where she talked about her new line of home decor called Cobi Style.

I did not pose with Cobi {who is an absolute delight by the way} for this photo because of my hair... Seem vain?  Well, I am currently in the process of going from my natural hair colour {dark brunette} to blonde, and it is a two or three step process {so that it doesn't kill my hair}.  I have completed step one and am sadly in that awkward stage of the game.  I'll be happy when it is done, but refuse to post photos online of me in this weird, sandy, not blonde, not brunette phase.  Good news is step two of the process happens today, so I will probably be feeling better about it by this afternoon!  Okay, enough about my hair - let's take a look at Cobi's line...

I am loving this combo of blue, green and white!  Cobi talked about how you can mix any two colours with neutrals and it would create an instant colour palette - so very true, and easy to do!

At this vignette Cobi talked about the classic look of blue and white, and how you can pair it with almost any colour and it will look wonderful.  I have to agree with her on this, and I love that she chose orange - blue and orange have always been my favorite complimentary colour combo!

Bright, bold, and fun basically sums up the Cobi Style line!  I am very much in love with many of her items, and what is great is that they are very reasonably priced.  Cobi's philosophy behind her designs is that in a land of beige and white colour and personality are desperately needed... What a smart lady, don't you agree?

At the end of the presentation we got sweet little gift bags with Cobi Style Chopsticks - Yay!  Aren't they fun?  Thanks to Cobi, her team, and In Vu Drapery for hosting this little get together and of course for the gift bags.  

You can find more information and products {with much better photos than I took with my party cam} at www.cobistyle.com.  I have to say Cobi's products are just what the market needs - enough with the "everything must be perfect and serious" decorating - it's time to have fun and inject colour and personality into our homes!  I believe interior spaces should create emotion and make us happy, and Cobi Style does just that - Wouldn't you agree?
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  1. Such a fun collection! Can't wait to see your new hair color!!! xo

  2. What a great event to be able to attend. I have always enjoyed Cobi's style. Am so loving the colour in this post...it's right up my alley.

  3. Thank you for the mention darling... I'm still thinking about her collection, so bright and cheerful! And, always fun chatting with you! :)


Oodles of thanks for the comment!