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Today I am delighted that Chanele from Design Bliss Inc. is here to share one of her favorite interiors for Favorite Interior Tuesday!  I met Chanele at Humber while I was there talking to the design students about starting your own firm, and I instantly liked her.  Chanele is a student at Humber, and I can guarantee when she graduates she will take the design world by storm!  Without further adieu, here is Chanele with one of her favorite spaces...

 My adventure in the blogging world is fairly new and I have to say it is a true honour to be contributing to Staci's “Inspired by Life” blog as she was one of the contributing inspirations for my very own blog! She has been a professional role model in building my career in the design industry and was one of my first social media friends : )

When it comes to interiors I am OBSESSED with character, architectural features and interest in a space. Clearly I had a real hard time narrowing it down to one specific interior – so let’s call this space my [Favourite - For the Moment].

This Industrial Chic loft was featured last year on Apartment Therapy and belongs to a graphic designer and a lighting designer in Rhode Island. Formerly an Industrial Mill, the space now exudes character, warmth, and sophistication. The bones of the space are one-of-a-kind: offering original features, high ceilings, and a generous 1300 square feet.

All Glamour: This show-stopper Chandelier is made of Italian glass from a shop in Montreal (No wonder it's amazing)

Eye Candy: Dramatic scale is used through this blown-up poster, working double duty to hide storage.

 Raw Finishes: The stairway up to their loft is made using scrap wood from the building

The elevator pulley system was left intact and helps to tell the story of the previous space 

The space is brought to life by their decor choices –
Vintage finds, travel treasures, artwork, antique heirlooms, and mid-century modern furniture

This space serves as a reference to my love for Industrial charm and appreciation for character. However, in the future I see myself settling down in a Victorian detached home with a spacious backyard- a different type of charm ;). Thank you again Staci for allowing me to express my love for design on your marvellous blog.
Any space with high ceilings and interior red brick is a great place in my books!  Thanks so much to Chanele for sharing this amazing space, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Be sure to visit Chanele at Design Bliss Inc. - you will be happy you did, her blog is wonderful!
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  1. Great post Chanele!! This place totally feeds my desire for an alternate life in NY/giant gorgeous loft. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Love this gorgeous loft! And that chandelier, WOW!

  3. Yes - thank you everyone and of course Staci for inviting me to share my dream place (for the moment)
    Christine- I share your desire for an alternate life in NYC :)

  4. Great post Chanele. Your style choice is always so clean and appealing. Love the blog Staci - inspiring and comforting all at the same time.

    ~ Verna


Oodles of thanks for the comment!