Nick's Favorite Interior

Today we have Nick joining us from Cupboards Online to share his favorite interior!  I met Nick a while back on Twitter, and he is a delight - not to mention he bakes a mean Guinness Chocolate Cupcake {which you can see HERE from when he participated in my Bake-n-Blog} - Take it away Nick!

I’m guilty of constantly looking at Real Estate listings. There’s really no particular reason that I look: I’m not shopping for a new house myself. When Staci asked me to chime in on one of my favorite interiors, I knew that it would be tough for me to choose just one- when we look at these things every day, choosing what we personally like becomes quite difficult.
There was a particular home I saw marketed some time ago that really stuck out in my mind and I knew that it would be a place that I could happily live. See, as much as I love the “un-lived in” look, I know it’s unreasonable (especially with two dogs). Without further chatter, here’s one of my favorite spaces.

This 140-year-old garden district home in New Orleans strikes my fancy from the front stoop. If you have any experience with Southern life, you know that the porch is just another room in the house and garners just as much attention as any other living space. One of the really awesome features of this front porch is the ceiling color- notice, it’s blue... Haint Blue, in fact.

That porch is for gossiping and drinking sweetened iced tea. Doesn’t get much better than that. 

 Living and dining rooms in a stunning color cousin of Honeysuckle (Pantone’s color of the year, if you’ve been living in a cave), paired with period furniture pieces and no window coverings.

And look! It’s a den where people actually can live! Comfy furniture with a cool blue wall (similar to that out on the porch) make the space inviting and homey.

For a boy with as many pairs of shoes as I have, a closet like this is a must- No sense in trapesing through the house nearly naked when you can have a dressing space like this! I already know that I could fill 12’ high closets... Mmmm...

So there’s a quick glimpse in to an interior of happiness for me- the Deep South is full of so many charms and nuances that I’ve always loved to embrace and incorporate in to our design business. Hopefully we are able to share a bit of our culture through the way that we live- and if you get a chance to visit, the way we eat! 
If you have fallen in love with this house, it’s still on the market and can be yours for a cool $775k. Hey, it’s Southern Living at its finest! 
Thanks to Staci for letting me share and be a part of a really awesome blog-family!Visit us online: http://cupboardsonline.com and make sure to follow our wild days on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cupboards  
Thanks for sharing Nick!  I too adore older homes with
character - my home was originally built in 1865.  I hope you all enjoyed the tour Nick gave, and I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. It's absolutely stunning and I can't get over the price- would buy a small 2 bedroom where I live. Might have to relocate:)

  2. The closet looks stunning! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. wow - lots of character in those tiny spaces -

  4. What a lovely home! I'd love to have a front porch like that!

  5. Lovely. So important to our culture that we maintain homes like these.
    Mary Ann

  6. Such a great use of colour with those coral walls - very brave!!!

    Sarah x


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