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I am absolutely delighted to have Maureen from Modecor Muses here today to share one of her favorite interiors for "Favorite Interior Tuesday" - I adore Maureen!  I have had the pleasure of meeting, and spending time with Maureen several times and I must say she is one of my favorite people in blogland.  She is not only very sweet, but also incredibly talented and thus truly inspiring.  Maureen has the most darling space to share with us, so let's get started...

As a new blogger, I was thrilled when Staci Edwards invited me to write a guest post on her blog featuring my ‘Favorite Tuesday Interior’. I met Staci on twitter last summer and very shortly after, started to peruse her blog on a regular basis. I appreciate the clean look and sophistication of her blog and can hear her speaking when I read it. BTW, I have met Staci twice and she is as sweet in person as she sounds in her posts and tweets.
Staci has given me the task of writing about my favorite interior. I wish I could accommodate Staci’s request, but, I have MANY favorite interiors. As an interior decorator, I have a passion for most interiors. I have to admit, that while I can admire the esthetics of many spaces I see, the ones that become my favorites are the spaces that I could personally be comfortable or live in. A space that makes this list must not be too precious, it cannot be cluttered, there must be colour (RED is always good) and it must never have any element that screams ‘I did this just because I can’ ...there must be a reason, even if simply decorative.  Also, I gravitate toward function before form. I’m not into cookie-cutter spaces but prefer eclectic rooms that define the owner’s personality.  Last, but not least, I find myself seeking out smaller spaces now...perhaps this is an age requisite.

Keeping all this in mind, I have chosen a space by stylist Deb Nelson, featured in July 2010  HOUSE & HOME. Her summer getaway fits the above criteria for me....I could live in her little abode quite nicely, thank you very much!

This adorable summer cottage is mostly white with plenty of black accents, not my usual personal taste, but I simply love all the elements that Deb has so mindfully integrated into her comfy home. It should also be noted that Deb, a DIYer spent many, many hours, tearing down, fixing up, sanding and painting....another reason this cottage landed as ‘one my favorite interiors’.

Right off...take a look at the punch of RED from the antique rug on top of the glossy black floors, placed in front of the slipcovered white sofa with the coffee table ingeniously made by putting two antique benches together, capped off with the repurposed tool box / magazine holder.  The juxtaposition of the modern Tizio lamp, black and white photography in slim black frames and the reproduction Eames lounge chair in the background, topped off with simple raw linen window treatments completes this space.

Take a look at this kitchen. As this is a summer home, Deb took down drywall and panelling exposing original beams and studs, painted them white and voila....talk about rhythm. I love how Deb utilized the same linen from the window treatments to cover her lower kitchen cabinets instead of using doors. Black accents are seen in the pendant light, more black and white framed photos and the glossy floors. An antique table paired with four wishbone chairs beckons a visitor to sit and have a cool lemonade. And, let’s not forget about that punch of RED in the canisters. 

I could stay the summer in this cottage simply because of this pantry, an original feature of the house. Is there anything better than built-in storage, especially when it doubles as a display for new and vintage dishes and glassware? The blue and white accents are a refreshing and crisp statement in this nook. The blackboard complements the white and black colour scheme seen throughout the house while adding a touch of whimsy and usefulness.

Although this space is not part of the main cottage, Deb cleverly carried her cottage colour scheme into her guesthouse / studio, formerly the garage.  Again, the exposed studs and rafters painted white provide a rhythmic backdrop to the eclectic antiques and   inexpensive finds also found throughout the cottage. The ‘sofa’ is an antique rope bed with a tufted mattress, sprinkled with puffy blue and black pillows. (I would have added one or two RED pillows) The bergere style chairs and the coffee table add just a hint of tension to this otherwise rustic interior.

I hope you were entertained by my brief tour of this wonderful cottage.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing about it, as it is... ‘one of my favorite interiors’.
I want to thank Staci very much for asking me to contribute this guest post on her blog. I am truly touched.

Oh Maureen, thank you so very much for the kind words and sharing such a wonderful space - I'm honoured to have had you participate!  If you have not yet been to Modecor Muses be sure to swing by and say hello to the lovely Maureen - you will be glad you did!
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  1. I can't believe I missed the fact that Maureen started her new blog! And I love that first picture with the rug - WOW!!

  2. Great post Stacie and Maureen! Love this cottage too, Maureen especially the exposed walls being left as is and then painted white. I would be visiting often!

  3. The living room in the guest house is my favourite - love the blue and white :-) And I like those number panels leaning against the wall - wonder if they're paintings or chalkboards.

    Maureen's awesome :-)

  4. Function over form...me too. And when the two can coexist...heaven! Thanks for sharing Staci and Maureen.


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