J'adore TOMS Shoes

I used to not be a fan of TOMS shoes, however lately I have them high up on my want list and think they are adorable!  Here's a peek at some shoes from their new spring line, and a few classics...

Do you think they are cute?  Either way, there is no denying that TOMS is doing something great with their "One For One" movement.  I truly think that is incredible!  If you would like to help raise awareness about in poverty children needing shoes, here is a touching little video explaining how you can support TOMS movement...

Amazing right?  I was thinking, if there are some local readers who would like to join me, perhaps it would be good for us to meet up for a tea on April 5th and a stroll through town barefoot to help spread the word.  If anyone of you are interested, please let me know - It would be fun and rewarding!  And please let me know if any non-local readers are going to help spread the word by being barefoot, I would love to hear all about it!
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  1. Oh Staci !
    Im with you ... I love Toms shoes ! and they are on the top of my want list too. Ive always wanted the wrap boots ! but of course im a broke college student ... one day ... one day :P

  2. What a great cause - thanks for bringing this t my attention, Staci. If I was in town, I'd walk barefoot with you in a second. Know that I will be barefoot here in Panama instead.

    Oh, and those shoes are cute - but some look like indoor slippers. It would really depend on the outfit LOL

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  3. I have always loved TOMS shoes, but have yet to buy a pair. I think this Spring is the perfect time!

  4. I have two pair & love them... might need to pick up the striped version in pic #1 too.


  5. I don't own any, but love what they do with their 'one for one'. Such a great cause. I think the wedges are really cute, too!


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