J'adore Crate & Barrel Outdoor

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Over the weekend I popped into Crate & Barrel, and I must say every time I go there I am full of smiles; their products are so bright, cheery, and fun!

While in the store I did not have my camera, so I visited their site to help me share the fun with you, and here it goes...

This water bottle has a built in filter which is great for when you head out for the day {it is good for 300 fills}, and this to go cup with straw is perfect for taking a fruity shake on my morning commute!

These items would help to make any picnic a very stylish one, I love the happy colours and patterns on the plate and tray! 

The green retro cooler and the woven basket would both be so great to have for a picnic - and the green woven bag I would for more than just picnics - how cute, right?

And this is the cutest BBQ I have ever seen, wouldn't you agree?  Too bad Adam does the BBQing and would not stand for trading in his man BBQ for this cute one.

As you can see from my outdoor living picks, I am very much looking forward to the warm weather!  I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at Crate & Barrel's delightful outdoor products, and I hope you enjoy your day!  Oh, and let's all think warm thoughts, shall we?
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  1. Oh lovely stuff! I'm sooo looking forward to headin' outdoors!

  2. Tell him that bbq is a Weber and THAT should be reason enough! :)


  3. Definitely need to swing by there for some accessories for the summer! Adorable stuff

  4. I love Crate and Barrel! And I may have to go there very soon to pick up that cute striped tray - I have been looking for something like this for a while.

  5. The only way we're going to get warm weather is by thinking warm thoughts! I can't believe how cold it's been this week - it's supposed to be spring!

    Great collection of items - my favourites are the tray and the plate because they're bright and colourful and help encourage those thoughts of spring :-)

  6. Adorable bbq, yes! Crate & Barrel has amazing stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE those colourful acrylic trays. *sigh* I will have to practice some serious restraint when I visit.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  7. Wow Thanks Staci! Great colours and picnic must haves!

    I can't wait for summer now :)


Oodles of thanks for the comment!