Inspiration - Powder Room

For today's little smidge of inspiration I'm sharing a darling and whimsical powder room...

Weeee!  What's not to love about this little cutie?  I personally would install a real mirror within the painted frame, but other than that, it is perfect.  Fun, fun, fun!

Speaking of fun, I will be joining some wonderful blogger friends today for the One Of A Kind Show media morning, and I cannot wait!  I was at the winter show too {read all about my favorites HERE} and it was delightful, I'm sure today's event will be just as good.  Stay tuned because I will be posting about it tomorrow.  See you then, and have a great day my sweets!
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  1. This is so gorgeous, and very whimsical indeed! Miss Walker xoxo

  2. I'm sad I can't make the media breakfast today but I'm sure it'll be great. What a fun powder room. After finally settling on a powder room for my vanity (I blogged about it Monday) I need to shore up all the other details.

  3. i agree with you - mirror needed! i hope you have a wonderful morning!

  4. Hope you had a great time this morning Staci and I agree, this space is just so sweet!!

  5. I think it's amazing!!! I would also install a real mirror..

  6. Very whimsical and fun! Love the wallpaper!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!