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Today for Favorite Interior Tuesday I am honoured to have the wonderful Emma from The Marion House Book here to share some of her favorite spaces!  I think that Emma needs no introduction because she has a hugely successful blog, and therefore you all probably know her, but I will let you know that she is a very talented designer in Toronto.  You can see Emma's site at www.marionmelbourne.com if you are interested in seeing her work.  For now, let's see what she has picked to share with us today...

Choosing favorites is hard but choosing my favorite interior is downright impossible! However, that was the task presented to me by Staci at the beginning of this year.

In my office, I have a portfolio where I keep articles of my favorite interiors. My rule when ripping pages out of a magazine is that I have to love the whole house otherwise it doesn’t make the cut. I think the mark of a good designer is when there is a total vision and commitment to an overall look. I’ll admit that I am ruthless! If I feel the kitchen isn’t quite right or they made a mistake in the bedroom, the pages don’t make it into my book. At the moment, there are about 5 or 6 interiors in my portfolio. One of them is Jenna Lyon’s Brooklyn apartment which has been well documented, another is this renovated Victorian home in Australia, and a third is the New York home of Ochre founders Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie.

I think if you take a look at the three spaces above you start to get an idea of what I am drawn to. Hands down the first thing that is required is a house with good bones. I’m talking about high ceilings, beautiful windows, original period details, old wood floors, and interesting doors. It doesn’t all have to be original to the house ( in fact, I love seeing modern architectural elements added to an old home) but it needs to have something. Add to that some relaxed, comfortable seating, some artwork, books and other personal items, lots of wood and marble, a few design classics and some great light fixtures and you’re done. Easy as that!

In keeping with that spirit I have chosen to show you Julianne Moore’s former West Village townhouse designed by MADE LLC. It was first featured in World of Interiors in March 2006.

Now, normally I wouldn’t start with an image of a bathroom to lead a story but honestly this is what this house is all about. I mean, come on, isn’t this just heart-stoppingly beautiful? I love that the historical elements of the home have been combined with design classics like the Bertoia chairs and the clean, modern lines of the marble bathtub and sink console.

Another view of the same bathroom. I love the provocative art above the fireplace and the floor to ceiling mirror between the two windows. What a great way to use that space. I also love the repetition of the marble from the fireplace to the bathtub to the countertops.

The living room is comfortable and laidback with lots of organic elements like the twisted branch table lamp, tortoise shells, paper lantern, and wood slab table. Again the architecture of the room really sets the stage and adds an interesting historical element to the space.

The kitchen with its brick wall, overhead beams and dark cabinetry is moody and cosy. Again, I think the architects have made the most of the space keeping the original elements in tact and worked their design around it. Hard to believe that this space is in downtown New York City!

I think the touch of turquoise blue in the bar stools is brilliant and brings some life into the space. And who wouldn’t want a Serge Mouille floor lamp is their kitchen?

Finally, the master bedroom is clam and serene with an overall cream palette punctuated with more organic elements, great art, and a touch of colour.

Thanks Staci for having me.  It was a tough assignment but one I was happy to take on!

What a great space!  I would have to say my favorite room is the kitchen - I'm such a sucker for red brick  walls.  And of course the other spaces that Emma mentioned were beautiful as well.  Thanks so much to Emma for the guest post, and to all of you for reading!
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  1. Wow. What a dreamy bathroom. Speaking as a regular bath taker, how divine that looks with the fireplace there keeping you warm and toasty.
    Wonderful post.

  2. Gorgeous post Emma and I agree, this is one spectacular space. That bathroom is just so so good. I am also drawn to spaces with fabulous bones and the other ones you listed are all counted on my favourites list- Jenna Lyons space is perhaps my favourite home of all time. Loved reading about what things you admire in design. Lovely!!!

  3. i love the vintage feel of that kitchen!!!

  4. Lovely home! I'm really drawn to that kitchen and bath.

  5. I can just imagine laying in that fab bath with a roaring fire and a glass of champagne in hand, with scented bubbles perfuming the air!

    Gorgeous and thoughtful post.


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