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I'm happy to say that today Barbara, from Hodge:Podge sharing one of her favorite interiors for Favorite Interior Tuesday!  Barbara is a fellow Canadian from Greater Vancouver, and is a wonderful blogger - she hosts one of my favorite series called "So Canadian, Eh?" where she interviews Canadian bloggers, and helps us get to know them better.  Anyway, Barbara's choice is delightful, so let's get started...

Thanks Staci for inviting me to share my favourite interior. It is so hard to narrow down a favourite space as there are SO many inspiring spaces to choose from, but I am going to be a bit of a rebel and not pick one home but instead pick the homes of one of my favourite designers, those belonging to Canadian designer Tommy Smythe. Tommy who is famously known as Sarah Richardson's witty sidekick is an amazing designer in his own right. I love his classic design aesthetic and that he doesn't seem to take it too seriously, creating relaxing unpretentious spaces.

When Staci asked me to pick my favourite interior, the one that first came to mind without a second thought is my all time favourite space, Tommy's kitchen that was featured in the October 2004 issue of Canadian House and Home.

 It is such classic timeless space that even seven years later is still current, and in my opinion "on trend". What is not to love? It has a wonderful charming unfitted look. I love the traditional design with unexpected twists, such as his use of dark lower cabinets, partnered with upper white ones, dark slate tile set in a herringbone pattern and the classic marble backsplash.  I think the piece de resistance  in this room is the fabulous carriage light! Can't you smell the apple wood smoked bacon?

Being a sucker for paisley and black accents, this photograph of Tommy's living room {same house} is another favourite. I love his use of mirrors on the bookcase doors to visually expand the space and to bounce light. He has created a lived in, yet refined look. I love the worn leather chair with nail head detail, don't you just want to sit down, grab a book and drink some Earl Grey tea? {I am a diehard coffee drinker so for a room to evoke the desire to drink tea says something}

After the kitchen, this room is another absolute favourite. I love the way he decorated this space in his classic style with a touch of whimsy in the dotted upholstery of the wingback chairs. The gallery wall with its eclectic mix of art enhances the comforting, inviting look. The touches of gold of the ornate mirror, inside the black shade and the frames give it such a timeworn elegance.  That sofa and Hermes blanket are just asking to curl up on and in!

The next two photographs show Tommy's bedroom from two different homes, the latter from his most recent digs.

Love how he re-uses elements in his homes. Check out the pillow made with Schumacher fabric with black pom-pom fringe. Or look at the ottoman tucked under the end table; see it anywhere else in latter photos?

Or look at the lamp in this bedroom and then back at the lamp in the previous living room? Look familiar?

Here sits Tommy in his most recent living room, that was recently featured in Style At Home.  LOVE the mirror and the pop of modern colour and style of the chair. Does the rug and coffee table look familiar?

Below is his dreamy dressing room he carved out of a bedroom. Would you believe that the closet is made from Pax wardrobes from Ikea that he glammed up with gold knobs? Again, he re-uses pieces from a previous space, the ottoman that was in his former bedroom is put to use as a sitting area. 
Once again, classic frugal Tommy, a man after my own heart. 

Thanks Staci for this fun assignment. I truly enjoyed putting this together and can't wait to see what else Tommy has up his sleeve! His interiors are always impeccable, he never disappoints.

Hope you enjoyed my favourite space{s}

XO Barbara 

Oh Tommy!  Isn't he wonderful?  Thanks so much to Barbara for taking us on such a wonderful tour of Tommy's homes.  Don't forget to head over to Hodge:Podge and visit for some more bits of wonderful!
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  1. Thanks for having me Staci, it was fun to collect the photos and to articulate my thoughts! What a great series you have here as well!

  2. I'm a big fan of Tommy (and Barbara!). Thanks for sharing. I can't get enough of his dressing room. I'm always amazed at Ikea revamps!

  3. Great post! I love Barbara's blog and agree that Tommy really has it going on! His spaces never seem to date :)

  4. i've loved following Tommy around - his houses always full of character!

  5. I do love Tommy as well, both his style and his humour. Great post Barb. Thanks for introducing me to Stacie. What a great blog!

  6. So so elegant and sophisticated. YOU Canadians and your fab style.

  7. Gosh that room with the gallery wall...striped rug...wingback chairs...pillows...it's all so so lovley!

  8. Tommy is such a funny guy, and a super-talented design too :-) Love how he designed that closet system from Pax wardrobes.

    One of my favourite "Tommy spaces" is his tiny apartment from a few years ago. It was about 170 sq ft, and I was amazed by how much style he packed into such a tiny home!


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