The Viceroy Palm Springs

Today I am skipping my typical "Inspiration" post, but am going to share some photos from my recent getaway to the Viceroy in Palm Springs!  This boutique hotel was designed by non-other that Kelly Wearstler, who is a constant inspiration to lots in the design world...

I love the bright yellow doors out front!  They give a hint of what's to come...
The foyer is small in size, but huge in style!  The tiled wall {which is the same wall Kelly posed in front of on the cover of her book Modern Glamour} makes huge impact, which pairs nicely with the impact of the oversized sunburst mirror behind the front desk. 

The restaurant is fun and vibrant - the yellow really perks you up as you enter in the morning to grab tea and the news paper.  At night they dim the lights, so the yellow helps cast a nice warm glow - it was a great spot for Valentine's Day dinner!

The outdoor dining areas are just as nice, the large table would be perfect for a large gathering, at night with the lamps light it sets a beautiful mood. 

The main outdoor seating surrounded the pool, which gave a cool vibe at night.  And notice on the back wall of the tents there are more sunburst mirrors - what a way to add glamour to the outdoors!

This is the view from our balcony, overlooking one of the three pools at the Viceroy.  It's hard to see in such a small photo {and because it's daylight} but all along the bushes they have twinkle lights, which looks gorgeous at night!

This is what they call the kids pool, although I never saw any children there.  This pool was always quiet, so this is where we spent our time in the sun {for as long as we could take it, then we went for shade} sipping iced tea {I like that we can get unsweetened in the States}, reading and relaxing.

This is one of the villas that are throughout the property.  They have such pretty gardens surrounding them and are very secluded, perfect for celebrities - they get lots, Anne Hathaway was there during our stay!

These are some images of the spa area.  The hot tub was very nice, and who wouldn't love an outdoor treatment room?  They also have a great outdoor yoga area, which I couldn't get a photo of because there were people doing yoga - but it was pretty, especially with the mountain views!

Our room was great too {needless to say}!  The white, black and yellow palette gives the room a fresh feeling, which I love.  The medallion above the bed, hanging pendants next to the bed, super stylish lounge and dining chairs, and the mirror pulls on the cupboard doors were all very pleasant and unexpected details! 

I hope you liked the tour!  If you are ever heading to Palm Springs I would recommend the Viceroy.  I have also been to the Colony Palms which is small, but delightful, and The Parker - which I think is my favorite Palm Springs destination to date {see my blog post about it HERE}.  

No matter where you stay in Palm Springs, you will love it, it is gorgeous!  And be sure to take your camera, as you can see from my photos above, there is lots of beauty to capture!
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  1. Looks like you had a great trip, Staci. This place looks stunning - I LOVE the bedside lamps that hang from the ceiling.

    Welcome back! Hope the weather wasn't too much of a shocker...fingers crossed for you Torontonians that it's warming up.


    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. How jealous am I??? Thanks for the tour and lucky girl- this looked amazing!

  3. Thanks for the tour, Staci! I love Palm Springs and am putting this hotel at the top of my list. Love your iced tea comment. I was in Vancouver in October and just about died when they brought me sweet iced tea. I had to get a different drink since they didn't make it without. xo

  4. i love the viceroy! heading out to PS for a work retreat next week and staying at the parker. ;)

  5. Thanks for the tour! I've been to Palm Springs but didn't see the Viceroy! Looks like a great place to stay!

  6. WOW! The Viceroy looks beyond chic...would love to visit this place in person, great photos!


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