Marianne's Favorite Interior

Today I am very happy to introduce to you my new blog friend, Marianne from Style For Living, she's here to share one of her favorite interiors for Favorite Interior Tuesday!  Marianne is a talented designer from Washington, who's clean, elegant esthetic is very pleasing to the eye.  Needless to say, the interior she is sharing with us today is truly beautiful, so let's get to it...

I am honored to be a part of Staci’s gorgeous blog today.  I must say, this was a hard task to narrow it down to one favorite interior, but the home that keeps coming back to me belongs to Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa.  It’s actually what she refers to as her ‘Barn’.  

Here’s a little background on the barn -   She was tired of filming her popular cooking show in her home and decided to have the barn built behind her current home in order to keep the filming, cookbook writing and other work elsewhere.  Sounds good to me!  As an admirer of Axel Vervoordt as well as Belgian buildings and barns, she hired Frank Greenwald as the architect and Robert Stilin for the interiors.  The result is absolutely breathtaking!

Ina’s welcoming entry with a 19th Century muslin-covered settee along with a 17th Century mirror.

I love the casual elegance of this space.  From the salvaged beams to the bright and open floor plan, I simply want it all!   Can you even believe the kitchen counter?!  It’s 18 feet long and made of Petit Fossil Belgian stone.  Yes, please!

Another view of the kitchen.  Everything you need is at hand and  beautifully organized and displayed.

The bedroom may be plain to some, but to me it’s pure heaven.  A simple upholstered headboard with Frette bed linens and a 17th century French side table.

This is my dream tub by Waterworks.  Are you dying?  I am.

This small alcove outside the bedroom gives Ina a place to work.  The art is by  Jean-Michel Berts.

As you can see, I am drawn to this home on so many levels.  It’s inviting, warm and timeless.

Thank you so much Staci for having me share one of my favorite interiors with you and your readers.  I hope you all enjoy this home as much as I do. 


Oh yes, I certainly enjoy this home Marianne - thank you so much for sharing it!  I don't think there is one element I would change about this space, isn't it perfect?

Be sure to head over to Style For Living and visit Marianne - her blog is lovely!
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  1. Oh my gosh, YES. I had forgotten about this amazing "little" barn. GREAT choice Marianne. So cool.

  2. Thanks again for having me share my favorite interior today, Staci! It was a lot of fun to put together!

  3. I have to agree completely with Marianne! Ina's barn is stunning. It truly is a breath of fresh air. It reminds me to keep things simple. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it too, so inviting, charming, elegant and warm looking. Whats not to love about a gracious barn! I can just imagine how fun it must be to be there for the day, cooking up all kinds of wonderful yummy meals:) Marriane, thanks for the reminder of her beautiful home...its surely a memorable one.

  5. Fantastic...and imagine the great parties and delicious food.
    Mary Ann

  6. Love Marianne and her blog - she most definitely has a style for living. And not surprisingly she picked one of my favorites - love everything about Ina Garten including her beautiful home!!

  7. Love Ina, love her house and now I love her barn! Everything is perfection - I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Great post, Marianne.
    Ina is my favorite of all. She is adorable, just as is her husband, Jeffrey!

  9. I love Marianne's blog and her design aesthetics. I am on the same page when it comes to Ina's barn and her home. The ease of design is so appealing and timeless. KS

  10. I wouldn't mind a barn like that behind my house!

    What fresh and lovely rooms. I love all the furnishings. Especially that vintage desk.

    Lovely post, Marianne!

    Hugs to you both!



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