J'adore Sarah's House

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson, so when I had the opportunity to see Sarah's House 4 - so of course I jumped on it!  The house is located in a new subdivision in Georgetown Ontario, and it was stunning {needless to say}!

The sad part was when I got to the house {camera in hand ready to take a billion photos to share with you} the first thing I saw was a sign on the door that read "NO PHOTOS PLEASE" - Big sigh.  I did however pick up a information package which contained photos, so here is a sneak peek...

 Basement Family Room
Great Room Lounge & Dining
 Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom 
First, I am sorry for the bad picture quality - the images were a little distorted plus I scanned them, but you get the idea.  Secondly, I am not sourcing them as they came from a handout.  Of course these images don't do the house justice - It is perfect!  

The one room that is a must see {that was not in the photos in the handout, sorry} is the main floor powder room.  It is covered in this fun "A Twitter" wallpaper from Schumacher - It is such a fun space!

If you'd like to learn more about the house itself {or purchase it!} you can do so by clicking HERE.  I cannot wait to see Sarah's House 4 air!  Are you looking forward to it as much as me?
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  1. Ohh- that is so exciting! It never fails- I always love her interiors! The basement family room has so much light for a basement space! Lucky girl! :) Happy Monday

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm VERY excited for this to air! Thanks for sharing a sneak peek. I love the headboard and bench fabric in the master bedroom! Can't wait to check out the powder room. Oh the excitement!

  3. I am so looking forward to it!! When does it start??

  4. Yes, it is very nice. On the brokers website you can download the brochure with the plans etc. I was so surprised to see this listed for sale now - really it's too bad that they are selling it so far in advance of airing the series! Maybe they should air the series sooner - get a bidding war going on!

    Ali @ letsdecorate.blogspot.com

  5. I'm so excited for it!! I LOVE Sarah's House!!

  6. I saw the house in the Oakville paper on Friday - I was hoping to get there is weekend to snap up some photos but the weekend was too busy for us - I hope to get there at some point this week!

    On another note.. made up a big batch of that Pulled Pork for a family get-together yesterday at our house... it was a hit!

    hugs ~

  7. Oh yes I have been a long time fan of Sarah's since her very first shows on tv. I actually have one particular episode saved on my DVR because it is my dream house. I could move right in without changing one thing!!! I love her color palletes and her use of vintage with new. So perfect, Can't wait to see this one. Do you know when it will be on TV? Ks

  8. your post has certainly piqued my interest in Sarah' House 4. I'm loving the colours in the Basement Family room

  9. I love Sara. In fact, she is really the only one I enjoy watching from HGTV. Can't wait to see her next house! M.

  10. ooh georgetown sarah's house? totally looking forward to it!


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