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For Favorite Interior Tuesday today Janice from Life Begins At Thirty, Right? I met Janice a while back at a blogger meet up, and she is an absolute delight and mighty funny!  She is a professional by day, a blogger by night, and on weekends she is a serious DIYer, with a fab sense of style!  Without further adieu, here is Janice with her post...

Wow! What an honour it is to have been asked by the lovely Staci to contribute to her gorgeous blog!  I'm Janice and I live over at Life Begins At Thirty, Right?  It's my little space on the interweb where I post about my lame attempts at decorating my 1901 Victorian Rowhouse in downtown Toronto. And sometimes I post about other random stuff, like the crazy guy who shingled our garage. For $30 and a case of beer. Seriously.

Anyways, when Staci first emailed me, asking me to blog about my favourite interior, my reaction went something like this:


"But I'm not a real designer...why would she ask me?"

"No seriously...me?"

I never went to school for this. To be perfectly honest, I don't really even have all that many creative, original ideas at all when it comes to decorating my home. So I wrote her back and said that I'd be thrilled to do it, but did she know I wasn't a proper designer?

To Staci's credit - she didn't care! She specifically said "it didn't have to be designery - just fun!"

So here it is - at first I was going to find some stunning pictures from a fancy shelter mag like Lonny or Elle Decor (mostly because I thought that is what I was supposed to do!), but I decided I should go with what I truly find inspiring - not just what I *think* I should find inspiring!

When I first started thinking of decorating my home, I felt paralyzed by fear. I was scared that I couldn't "do it like the magazines" or that I would somehow fail in making my vision a reality. Or fail in having a vision at all. However, I learned that I didn't have to be on the cutting edge of design, or even have a house that looked like a magazine house to have a home that I was proud of and loved. Instead, I opened my computer and found bloggers and designers who were all of those things and more and I let
them inspire me.

The interior that I have been inspired from since the day we purchased our old Victorian rowhouse is that of the lovely blogger, Stefanie of
Brooklyn Limestone fame. Stefanie did a FULL reno of her gorgeous limestone while still maintaining a lot of the architectural features that make an old home special. It is her house and design choices that have had the biggest impact on the decorating my husband and I have done in our home, so of course, her interior just had to be the one I shared with you!

Case and point - check out the living room. Isn't this stunning? The moulding on the walls, the ceiling medallion, the floors. This, in my opinion, is absolute perfection. Did I mention the floors?  

Here is another view of the room showing some of Stefanie's "art" on the walls - simple, elegant frames that don't compete with the beautiful original moulding. I also love the combo of grey, gold and white (and have used it in my own home - thanks Stefanie!)

One of the most impressive renovations in her house is of course, the kitchen. Check this out:

First, I have to point out the floors - the detail in the floors really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It takes an open concept kitchen and defines it without closing in the space. The whole wall of cupboards is a like a dream come true. Taking the cupboards up to the ceiling really draws your attention to how high the ceilings are and of course gives extra storage.

This kitchen was also my introduction to soapstone counters. Seriously - how gorgeous is that counter?! Natural, veiny stone that (from what I understand) only gets better with age. Like me, right? Ha.

Upstairs, the master bath is what dreams are made of. Don't be surprised if my own bathroom reno looks something like this (well, attempts to anyways).

The basketweave floor, the skylight, the combo of dark and light. Seriously - this girl knew what she was doing when she designed this place.

Stefanie's master bedroom is also gorgeous - a perfect combination of classic, modern and creative. I love the padded headboard, the fireplace with the framed television and the surprising pops of colour.

So there you have it - there are many more photos on the Brooklyn Limestone blog that show the incredible transformation of Stefanie's home, but I thought I'd highlight just a few to give you an idea of her gorgeous home and of what I find truly inspiring. 

What inspires you?

Thanks again Staci - this has been fun!

Thanks so much for sharing your favorite interior Janice!  I have had that bathroom in my inspiration files for so long now, I love it!  Be sure to head over to Janice's part of the bloggerverse and visit Life Begins At Thirty, Right? for some wonderful inspiration and a few chuckles!
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  1. Oh wow, i can see how this would be an inspiration for your own home. So gorgeous. Looking forward to following along on janice's reno!!

  2. Great post, Janice :) I can definitely see how Brooklyn Limestone has influenced your own house (based on what you've shared on your fab blog).

    Isn't inspiration grand?

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  3. Stefanie's beautiful Brooklyn limestone is definitely inspiring! The hardwood floors with the inlay are so beautiful, and love her kitchen. FYI, soapstone does make a gorgeous countertop!

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Janice :-)

  4. I totally agree! Stefanie's house is gorgeous and definitely inspiring.

  5. I have loved Stepanie's bedroom for a while now. I love the idea of "framing" the TV. I think my favourite parts of her house are the floors and moulding. I would kill for those!! Not really, but you know what I mean! And to answer Janice's question, what inspires me? Well, Janice, you do! Here you are, designing a beautiful Victorian rowhouse (my dream!) and you have no formal training (neither do I!) Keep at it Janice, you've got talent!!

  6. I absolutely love love love her home too- if I could own any house I've seen, it would be that one- the home itself is just so stunning and I have always wanted to live in a beautiful old Victorian- the high ceilings, giant windows and ornate mouldings make me diddy. I can't wait to see the progress in your reno! Great post.

  7. So true! The magazines often give us very high standards, but in the end it should be what we are comfortable in, and what we love.

    Great inspiration Janice, Stefanie really does have a gorgeous and inspiring home!

  8. Hi Staci, nice to meet you.
    Wow, this house is wonderful! So airy and so eclectic. I love Victorians with a touch of modernity...Jody

  9. Janice: Your selection is divine...perfect mix of taste and comfort--and gorgeous floors. Please tell Staci that I have given her the Stylish Blogger Award. :) Going to check out Life Begins at 30, Right?
    Thank you!
    Mary Ann

  10. Thanks for having me over, Staci! It has been fun!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stefanie's house too. I've been a fan of her blog for a while.


Oodles of thanks for the comment!