J'adore Travel Cups

Today for my J'adore post I am focusing on travel cups, because I noticed over the weekend {well, I always notice, but this weekend seemed exceptionally bad for some reason} that so many people have their tea/coffee/grande-decaf-nonfat-half-sweet-vanilla-bean-latte {yum} in a regular paper cup.  Sigh.

This is my reusable travel cup.  Cute, right?  I got it fairly recently from Starbucks, because my old one had seen better days, and I love it.  It keeps my drink warm forever - I once left it in the car, while it was cold and snowy outside, for two hours and when I got back in my car to drive home my tea was still warm!  You know what else is warm while I use my travel cup?  My heart, {okay, that was a pretty cheesy line, just wanted to see if you were reading or skimming} because I know I am doing a huge favor for Mother Nature.  Did you know that in the US an estimated 23 billion paper cups were used, and therefore in landfills {that is JUST in the US, imagine plus here in Canada, Europe, China, Australia... The World}?  Poor trees - Sad.

If that doesn't make you think that you should use a reusable mug {or if you use one then recommend to a friend they start using one, because you love yours so much} then maybe these beauties will help...

Adorable, personalized cup from Beau-Coup - and they have many styles, colours and fonts to chose from.

I heart anything with polka dots - you could have the whole collection of these and match it to your outfit for the day!  Visit Yedi Houseware to snag one of these.

This sleek and ├╝ber chic little number is from Bodum and comes in a multitude of colours to suit the fancy of any modern, green lady {or man}.

And last but certainly not least, these travelers are for the sensitive sippers {much like myself}.  These cups actually cool your hot beverage to be the perfect sipping temperature while you sip!  Amazed?  Me too, here is a video that explains more...

How neat!  If you want one of these mugs {as much as I do}, or want to learn more visit Brugo!  

With these adorable, stylish options - why would anyone want to drink from a normal paper cup?  If you use a reusable cup I would love to know which style you have. And hey, why not pick one up for a friend or family member who has not jumped on the reusable-cup-wagon yet?  I've done it before {and I will do it again}, and my friend was thrilled to get a little surprise gift for no reason, and I was thrilled knowing I was helping to save more trees - it's a win, win, win situation.  Now that is something to cheers to!
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  1. these are cute! B & I have 4 in our mug cabinet... our drive into work requires a coffee on the go in the morning! My cousin made me a travel cup cozie over Christmas and I love it, gives my stainless steel one a home made feel! :)

  2. Those are some pretty cute travel cups!! I think the polka dot ones are my favourite! And I love the new blog header design and name Staci!

  3. Those are all great options Staci - so pretty and seriously love those polka dots. I don't use a travel cup (slap my wrist) but I also don't stop at Tims or Starbucks (etc.) very often. Usually I bring my own tea bag to work and make a cup of tea in the office kitchen in my trusty starbucks mug! :)

  4. it was a cheesy line but that's why we adore you ... cute blog & earth friendly too ... what more could we ask for?

  5. Travel mugs are awesome. I pretty much needed one with me for the 6 years I was in school or I'd crumble. I found agreat one at Chapters that is made of a double layer of acrylic and has a vessel for loose tea leaves. I love it! I can't imagine being without a non-stop supply of tea all day :)

    To be honest, I'm missing my travel mug here in Panama. I just don't need to keep tea with me anymore (a tropical climate will have that effect) but I know one day my mug and I will be reunited.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com


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