Sharon's Favorite Interior

Today I am very honoured to have Sharon from Layers & Layers sharing one of her favorite interiors with us for "Favorite Interior Tuesday" - Yay!  Sharon and I met via Twitter and I have adored her ever since, she is talented, sweet, and ridiculously funny!  And now, on to Sharon with a stunning interior from S.R. Gambrel...

Firstly, I am completely honoured to have been asked by Staci to do a guest post for her wonderful blog and her feature “Favourite Interior Tuesdays”.  Thank you very much Staci!

One of my favourite contemporary designers is Steven Gambrel who runs his New York-based design firm, S. R. Gambrel Inc.  Steven has had much success in his career and has been celebrated in magazines, such as Elle Decor, House & Garden & New York Magazine to name just a few.

I love his ability to seamlessly blend modern with a traditional sensibility.  His rooms always come of with a touch of glamour that really appeals to me. They never feel overdone.  Steven does a lot of designing for his clients, custom sofas and chairs to rugs and accessories ...

He’s a very talented man in my opinion and I hope you enjoy this particular home I chose from his Country Portfolio.

I chose this home mostly because of my love of panelling. There are so many architectural details to feast the eyes upon.  I also love the grey, cream & gray/blue colour scheme. So very french!

I am dying to have a "french mattress" sofa. I just love the look ... very casual, they scream LAY down ... hahaha ... the pewter lamps and the dark wood stain add a nice sharp contrast to the soft colour palette and add a layer of masculinity.

Gorgeous kitchen.  Simple, functional but dramatic.  Actual, Steven's kitchen always remind me of the "cook's" kitchen, like you would find in a manor home.  I find that really charming.

He also seems to find a place to add a games room as well. Isn't this one glorious. Sumptuous, just like a "Men's" club.  Very dramatic.

Another view of the "men's" club room.  Really love the use of that broadloom as an area rug. And I bet that view out of the window makes it hard to concentrate on any work that one might have .. but a great place to daydream.

Just clean and unfussy in the hallway, a great place to show off some more of that amazing attention to detail with some panelling.

Again, the "French" mattress sofa ... a little deeper this time, I think this one might act more as a daybed ... Lovely.
I love the large scale pattern on those oversized drapery panels ... Another thing I love about Steven's work is his use of drapery ... I wish more people remembered the windows needed to be dressed too ;-)

The Dining Room - as you browse through Steven's portfolio you will notice that he breaks up his dining tables into two groupings.  I like the quirkiness of this but it also makes a table feel more intimate and friendly when they are broken into two instead of one VERY large one. Love the built-ins in the background,wish I could see them a little better and What a luxury to have a fireplace in a dining room.  Very nice!

I really think this is a pretty room. It feels fresh & crisp ... but the bedding & the area rug also make it feel inviting and comfortable too.

Another pretty room, and the cow hide upholstered bench is fun and throws you off balance a little, which is great ... makes the room more interesting.

That's it Staci! And really a great big thank you for inviting me to do this ... very excited!

I love so many things about this space, especially the french mattress sofas!  Thank you so much Sharon, for sharing such a beautiful interior!  Be sure to visit Layers & Layers to see Sharon and her darling partner Yvonne's blog - You will love it!

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  1. Ohhh I love this interior, Sharon and Staci. The right mix of masculine and feminine touches make for a well-rounded space.
    I'm a little leery of the 2 dining tables though, but that must be because I was forced to sit at the "kiddie table" for so many years at large family gatherings.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. Great choice Sharon! I love his work and hadn't seen some of these rooms before. I love the kitchen with moody painted cabinets and his bedrooms are so layered.

  3. Beautiful, elegant and utterly charrming! Thanks for showing us your favorite room Sharon... you find such great interiors!


  4. I absolutely love it all. Great post, thanks for introducing me to Sharon!

  5. Oh my, there are some awesome architectural details and finishes in these rooms. I love how all the varying textures, patterns and colours interplay with the darker furniture.....very relaxing and comfy rooms.

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  7. Oh this house is absolutely gorgeous and all that fab panelling! Absolutely beautiful layering. If it was mine I would never leave!

  8. What a beautiful space. I love how neutral it is, without being bland or boring. At first, I wasn't sure about the two dining tables. (Never seen that before.) But now that I think about it... what a great idea! You can push them together when you need to and keep them apart when you don't. If I ever have a big enough space, I might just try it.

  9. What a beautiful home Sharon! I love all the architectural details!

  10. Oooh, love all the great architectural details too! The LR and kitchen are my favourite rooms - although they're all pretty fab!

  11. I could move into any of these spaces. Love, love! I adore a neutral palatte. Lovely details as well.

  12. Wow, all I can say is stunning! I love the simplicity of colors and design creating overall impact.

  13. I'm in LOVE with the paneling...it's a dream of mine to have that in my future home! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  14. I had no idea those were french mattress sofas - I love them too! This interior really is special and I love that Sharon chose this space because classic design is timeless and fabulous. Shows extremely good taste ;-)

  15. Oooh la la- loving it! Those couches ARE divine!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!