Please Welcome Stella & Dot

I have some rather exciting news for you all... I have my first official blog sponsor, and what's more exciting is that there will be a giveaway! {December has just started and I'm on my second giveaway - 'tis the season for giving!}  First I will introduce my sponsor Stella & Dot, and incase you are not familiar with their products here are a few spots you may have seen their stunning pieces...

Yes, everyone from Hollywood starlets to the top style editors love Stella & Dot products, needless to say; so do I!  I have been pre-shopping for a little birthday treat for myself online, and here are some of my top picks so far...

Pretty right?  But I really cannot chose, maybe I will get one {or three} things and put the rest on my Christmas wish list - I feel I must have them all!  Oh, and another great thing is that they now have jewelry for little girls, a great gift idea for stylish little Caroline!  

Okay, now I will get to the part you have all been waiting for... The giveaway!  

We are giving away The Rachel Necklace!  I think it is the perfect amount of bling to wear to any Holiday event, don't you?

And this little beauty is also very versatile - it can be worn as a single strand or a double!  These stylists at Stella & Dot are genius!  Excited yet?  Me too!  Here is how to enter the giveaway...

1. You must be {or become} a follower of my blog.
2. Visit Stella & Dot and pick items you love.
3. Leave a comment below stating which Stella & Dot piece you would like to add to your Holiday wish list this year.

And that is all, pretty easy considering the beautiful prize up for grabs that is valued at $99!  I'd like to say thank you very much to Terra, whom is the stylist from Stella & Dot that has made this giveaway possible {insert round of applause here}, if you have any questions or would like to book a trunk show please contact her HERE.  Terra is an absolute delight and a wonderful stylist, not to mention if you host a party between January 4th and February 14th you receive an extra $50 in free jewelry {hostesses receive free jewelry depending on how much is sold - the average is around $450 - Wow}!  I will be announcing the lucky winner on Thursday December the 9th.  Best of luck to you all from myself and Terra!   
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  1. Congrats Staci!! I'm already a fan of your lovely blog!!

  2. I would love a simply necklace in gold... something like...Mimi Necklace so I can use it often!

    I already have a few S & D pieces and love them all! Especially my cluster ring!

  3. Oh fabulous giveaway! My favourite piece is their garden party necklace. Fingers crossed xo

  4. What a beautiful giveaway! I'm in love with the Audrey Cluster Bracelet, so classy. Thanks for introducing me to Stella & Dot.

  5. Stella and Dot have gorgeous pieces, how can I ever pick just one? I am torn between the owl charm necklace, the Charmed Life necklace and the black Soiree Pave bracelet!

    I'd love to enter this giveaway on my mummy behalf. She would like this necklace a lot!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  6. Wow Staci! That is so great you have a sponsor! And an amazing one too! I love Stella and Dot jewellery, but if I could I would by the Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace in Gold! Hope I win!

  7. What a great giveaway!! Love Stella & Dot!! I love their Nolita necklacea nd Deco Drop earrings. They are on my wishlist for sure!

  8. I was at a Stella & Dot party in October and bought one of my favourite pieces - the turquoise leather bracelet with silver clovers :-) I'm still waiting to get it from the party host (Sonya, where are you?!)

    I'm having a jewelry giveaway too - come check it out!

  9. Oh, and of course I'm already a dedicated follower :-)

  10. Being a bangle all the way up my arm kinda kirl, I love the Bardot Spiral bracelet. Everything on Stella and dot is amazing.

    I am a follower and will put this on my sidebar.


  11. Congratulation Dear!! That is so exciting! Off to check them out now!!

  12. Oh the turquoise necklace is gorgeous...love it!! I'm a follower...

  13. Stella & Dot really does have some beautiful pieces. I love the pearl bib necklace and the glint flower necklace and earrings. Beautiful gifts for many!

  14. New follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love love the single wrap leather braclets and nugget wrap bracelets!

  15. So many lovely items to choose from! I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to jewelry though, and I adore the La Coco Silver Pearl Strand! Gorgeous! :)

  16. Love S&D... the founder lives in the area and that company has grown so fast! They offer styles for every tastes, so it makes sense that their success has been so rapid.

    I am of course a followers!


  17. I adore the Gilda Gold Vermeill Linkd Earrings. The giveaway Necklace is fabulous!!
    Your newest follower1

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  18. I am a follower and love their wishbone charm. I need to add it to my charm bracelet that I have had for over twenty years.

  19. Ohh! What a lovely giveaway. I adore the Clover single wrap leather bracelets (: So fun!

    And I could have sworn I was a follower before now, but I guess I wasn't. Fixed it (:

  20. I am a follower (receive yours also via BLoglovin)...so excited for you!

  21. I am a follower (mentioned in last post) and love the Stella & Dot collections. OK ~ what to choose? Ivory Maltise Cuff, Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace, Stella Vintage Link necklace, Charlize Bib Necklace or the Vintage Cluster Ring....I {HEART} them ALL! ~Margaret

  22. What a fabulous giveaway!
    I love the Jasmine Filigree necklace and the Glint Flower CZ necklace.

  23. OK this is too good to resist! its a must enter...

    I love Stella and Dot and all they do... I am currently 'working' on my collection and have a looong wish list!

    Right now I am coveting the Sofia pearl Bib necklace... I like the shimmer and the movement and the option to dress it up or down.

    PS love your blog, and your clean crisp style!


  24. All their pieces are gorgeous! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  25. Fabulous giveaway Staci! I'm already a follower. My fave Stella & Dot piece is the garden party necklace.


Oodles of thanks for the comment!